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He wants to defend them from their intolerant liberal despisers.
These "righteous others" might be religious people, or they might be despisers of religion.
But if the despisers never act on their disapproval by supporting homegrown merchants and environmentally sound products, who is really to blame?
A vision that would turn them from outsiders, self-excluding and deluded despisers of others, into belongers.
A vision that would turn them from outsiders, self-excluding and deluded despisers of others, into belongers; a vision which will help them to see that those they seek to destroy are their own brothers and sisters regardless of their religious affiliations.
She accepts only certain women could speak, and only in certain circumstances, defending women's preaching rights on grounds of weakness, not talent: "Mark this, ye despisers of the weakness of Women, and look upon yourselves to be so wise; but Christ Jesus doth not so, for he makes use of the weak" (Fell 1666, p.
16) In A Description of England, William Harrison offers the usual charge against vagrants: "[vagrants] are thieves, robbers, despisers of all laws, and enemies to the commonwealth and welfare of the land.
The only other 20th-century American social thinker similarly effective in gathering a string of devoted disciples and disciples-of-disciples while acquiring an equivalent but opposed bloc of despisers is that other notorious emigre, Ayn Rand.
He had a tiny circle of the faithful, but a vast circle of despisers.
In an era when it's trendy to despise anything corporate, the despisers come up with a middle-class Fat Boy's guide to Football Cuisine.
Cultured despisers of the idiocy of suburban existence can and do decry this circumstance, but millions of Americans (and, increasingly, the rest of the world) disagree.
In spite of these acknowledged similarities between the earlier and later critics, there are also large differences, not least--and most immediately perceived--in the relative obscurity of the latter's prose as opposed to the more accessible styles of the former In this sense indeed, it is the earlier critics whose are less hierarchical and more democratic in their concept of audience (and this notwithstanding the partly legitimate accusation that they saw literature as an elitist enterprise), the postmodernists being the true despisers of popular culture.
Harper & Brothers 1957) (1841); Friedrich Schleiermacher, On Religion: Speeches to Its Cultured Despisers (John Oman trans.
A decade earlier, Schleiermacher had published On Religion: Speeches to Its Cultured Despisers, an apologia aimed at restoring the place religion was losing to Enlightenment rationalism.
He understands that his mid-century forebears' greatness lies in their motivation to defend Christianity "in an often hostile world, rather than perpetually currying favor with its cultured despisers.