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During this same time, thousands of priests worldwide were engaging in despicably evil actions against innocent children.
For months the United States and its allies have grappled with how to respond to a mass movement of peaceful protests in Syria and the government's despicably violent response to them.
That's why those people who behaved so despicably last week should have to look their victims in the eye.
The images of the blazing furniture store, the woman jumping from a first-floor window and the injured, bleeding boy despicably robbed appalled the nation and will not be swiftly forgotten.
They will not return home today, despicably killed at the hands of insurgents bent on preventing peace and stability sought by the vast majority of the Afghan people," said Rear Admiral Vic Beck, ISAF director of public affairs.
What is recommended nowadays is a comprehensive national consensus to respect religions and people' s creeds, regardless of their political stances and affiliations, said Hout, who forwarded his demand for general prosecutions to act and put terms to all those who utter despicably against religions, religious dignitaries and Lebanese.
Quite despicably you continued to pretend to her that you were still employed as a carer, visited her and over a 14 week period you stole from her on a weekly basis," Recorder Toby Hedworth said.
The action by the Qatari relatives which took Adam away from his mother, during what was supposed to be a happy family visit, was despicably cruel.
5 The Headless Woman (Lucrecia Martel) A description of a condition of consciousness, Martel's toughest film places us inside the, um, head of a woman who, despicably though she behaves and adored though she is by family and friends, is probably more like me and you than we would care to admit.
He said Mr Cassey acted despicably, but Newbold took the law into his own hands and sought "retribution".
Well go over to Worcester and look at Clive Griffiths, Ruddock's assistant, who was treated quite despicably when caught up in the wake of his boss's removal.
We were afraid in exactly the same way "circumstances of the time" led us to fear American citizens of Japanese ancestry during World War II, and we responded just as despicably and dishonorably.
He points out that people cannot see their friends as ugly and also that ugliness is often attached to those who behave despicably.
Thirty years later (and older), Verhoeven knows that heroes can also behave despicably -- and villains can have their moments of conscience, too.
People whose skill extends solely to the insignificant pastime of dressing up in costume to pretend to be someone else will sashay up to the stage to receive their awards and will then produce despicably over-the-top speeches that will give the impression they have done something really special like cure cancer or halt global warming.