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Synonyms for desperation

Synonyms for desperation

Synonyms for desperation

a state in which all hope is lost or absent


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desperate recklessness

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13 ( ANI ): Jammu and Kashmir Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh on Tuesday said Pakistan out of desperation is infiltrating terrorists in India.
Political pundits refuse to believe that President Weah's desperation for political power is simply to enrich himself, be flamboyance, build a much stronger political hegemony, to be remembered as one of Liberia's Presidents, or to amend the Liberian constitution for his personal aggrandizement when the need arises.
I have another friend, Lydia, whose first major invest[R] ment in her new enterprise was also desperation.
The OSG attack is obviously borne out of desperation,' the senator said in a statement issued by her office.
I've never seen a successful desperate person and I think desperation is a dreadful place to be," he said.
He adds that it is normally desperation that gets people to the point of change.
YOUR editorial comment headed 'Desperate Times' (Mail October 16) started with the words, "No-one could have foreseen the desperation and hardship that would be caused by the so-called bedroom tax".
are a clear sign of desperation from the incumbent president, Pat McQuaid.
JOHN HEITINGA insists Everton will match relegation-haunted QPR's desperation for victory at Goodison on Saturday.
Rodney Marsh has claimed that Manchester United are showing a sense of desperation in signing Robin van Persie, with the former City man predicting Premier League and Champions League success for his old club.
He added that "I think the Syrian government's response was, you can't quit; you're fired, which is another sign of the desperation, I think, that is enveloping the (Bashar) Assad regime.
Ferguson was taken aback when City's former midfielder Patrick Vieira claimed it had been an act of desperation by United to bring Paul Scholes out of retirement.
Summary: X Factor winner Matt Cardle says he didn't want to go on the X Factor, but ended up doing so through desperation.
I wouldn't say it was a vintage Wigan performance but we definitely showed desire and desperation in our defence," he said.
ISLAMABAD, November 10, 2009 (Frontier Star ): State minister for ports and shipping Nabeel Gabol has said former president Pervez Musharraf has lost mental equilibrium and he is giving statements in utter desperation.