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Addressing a news conference at his residence in Islamabad today he said that N-League was indulging in sorts of statement mongering out of its frustration and desperateness, since general election in the country was fast approaching.
Tinsky's view will straighten them out for sure: "I'm sure that Tunisians -- frustrated with the poverty and desperateness -- have no interest in the liberal values at all.
At the meeting last spring, people had a sense of fear and desperateness," Smith says.
It's having to beg shops to let us use the loo when my son is desperate - a desperateness which comes on in two seconds with no warning whatsoever.
Biong took all the pains, the shame and the desperateness to yet create another story whereby he has to implicate the late Dr.
Fouzia said presently the country and the recent terror events of terrorism depicted the desperateness of terrorists and their escape from battlefield.
It is out of desperateness to run away from genocide," he said.
Among insecures, preoccupieds report low self-esteem, and feelings of dependency, jealousy, and desperateness in a relationship (Collins, 1993; Feeney & Noller, 1990; Hindy & Schwarz, 1994; Williams & Schill, 1994).
For example, he shows how Paul de Man's notes re-enact the dishonesty of his reading of Benjamin and concludes: "The craving to repress the logocentric God reveals its strength in the sheer desperateness of the textual measures it incites" (386).
Their desperateness to ram the deal home has been barely concealed by the fact that Parliament members were given days, not months, to study and debate the deal.
Sure, the movie opens at a Q&A at an underground movie festival that satirizes both the preciousness and desperateness of the indie film circuit.