desperate straits

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a state of extreme distress


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Such a scheme could also take hold, as the word spreads and as it offers a constructive way for people to show how keen they are to help those in desperate straits.
Here the director takes up the newspaper saga of Caterina Rigoglioso, a single mother who fell into such desperate straits that she abandoned her infant son in a public park and was promptly arrested when she tried to reclaim him.
With 30 minutes to go they were in desperate straits.
but some people are in such desperate straits - they've got kids - that you have got to persuade them it's the right thing to do.
The patriot cause seemed in desperate straits but when Edward died, almost literally in the saddle at Burgh-on-Sands in 1307, the warriorking's death proved a game changer.
There are many people in desperate straits in this country and their benefits barely cover the cost of heating and eating, which means the use of a phone or computer becomes an unaffordable luxury.
Almost every child in war zone suffers from loss of weight and parents are in desperate straits.
After the debacles of 1900 (Paris) and 1904 (St Louis), the Olympics were in desperate straits.
We have managed to avoid these more desperate straits, but much more needs to be done.
If the UO depended entirely on in-state tuition, Berdahl says, "We would be in really desperate straits.
The portraits of these young women in desperate straits throws a revealing light on the impoverished margins of Iranian society, providing truly remarkable insight on the underbelly of what is, for Westerners at least, a largely closed society, its flaws seldom so exposed.
The city has been in desperate straits before - but everyone can be proud that the spirt that saw us bounce back before can undoubtedly prevail again.
In desperate straits, we need to not only roll the dice, but go to the man who has rolled the dice for a living, even in his downtime.
Immediately following the war, its programming often drew attention to the desperate straits of Europe's Jewish refugees who were living in what were then called Displaced Persons camps.
General Motors' landmark initial public offering (IPO) has already garnered $60 billion in orders, six times the amount it had planned to raise, in a sign of healthy investor interest for the massive automaker that was in desperate straits just over a year ago.