desperate straits

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a state of extreme distress


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Almost every child in war zone suffers from loss of weight and parents are in desperate straits.
This is regrettably becoming a familiar tale as the Government clearly underestimated the post-Games surge in sporting participation and are now in desperate straits to facilitate and accommodate more than one generation inspired by the Olympian heroics.
After the debacles of 1900 (Paris) and 1904 (St Louis), the Olympics were in desperate straits.
We have managed to avoid these more desperate straits, but much more needs to be done.
If the UO depended entirely on in-state tuition, Berdahl says, "We would be in really desperate straits.
The portraits of these young women in desperate straits throws a revealing light on the impoverished margins of Iranian society, providing truly remarkable insight on the underbelly of what is, for Westerners at least, a largely closed society, its flaws seldom so exposed.
The city has been in desperate straits before - but everyone can be proud that the spirt that saw us bounce back before can undoubtedly prevail again.
In desperate straits, we need to not only roll the dice, but go to the man who has rolled the dice for a living, even in his downtime.
Immediately following the war, its programming often drew attention to the desperate straits of Europe's Jewish refugees who were living in what were then called Displaced Persons camps.
Walsall are rock bottom of League One and in a bit of a state right now but when central defender Butler, who has signed at The Banks's Stadium for the rest of the season, started his career at Scunthorpe they were in even more desperate straits - near the foot of League Two with the spectre of the Conference on their shoulder.
General Motors' landmark initial public offering (IPO) has already garnered $60 billion in orders, six times the amount it had planned to raise, in a sign of healthy investor interest for the massive automaker that was in desperate straits just over a year ago.
But Phili found life even tougher at the crease as Aussie Ross Loaicono (4-27) shot the first three batters out for just 14, and with Paul Leonard (2-41) adding to the early mayhem the home team were in desperate straits on 30-5.
US FIRST LT ADY Michelle Obama made a surprise visit to the ruins of the Haitian capital yesterday, a high-profile reminder that hundreds of thousands of people remain in desperate straits three months after the devastating earthquake.
The visitors were in desperate straits at 83-4 after 24 overs when Kritish took control with a magnificent unbeaten century containing eight sixes and six fours.
The desperate straits brought on by today's economy are giving way to some very creative solutions.