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desperate actions taken as a means to an end

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But he said: "People are resorting to ever more desperate measures because of the huge effectiveness of our visa system.
The Belfast-born star admitted it was a desperate measure to turn to Hill for help, linking up with the man who was coach to Ronnie O'Sullivan when the Rocket won the world crown in 2001.
Because they have completely failed to get to grips with climate change I think they are looking at desperate measures now and this would be a desperate measure.
The man, aged 19 or 20, took the desperate measure to get into Spon End's Irish Centre 2000 at 12.
But it seems to me that hitting people on below average income isn't a desperate measure - more of a nasty one.
When the goods delivered to the loading dock aren't what customers are shopping for, stores must resort to the desperate measure of price markdowns.
SIS's bleating in the press recently regarding commitment to racing and bookmakers can only be described as a desperate measure to retain its contract.
In one last desperate measure, the pope goes on television to show why the church must survive.
And the government's decision to make 81 big companies submit their VAT returns every month, instead of every three as has been the practice, is a desperate measure aimed at easing the desperate state of public finances.
This is a desperate measure by the president to interrupt the ongoing peace talks between the TFG [Transitional Federal Government] and the opposition," he said.
As a desperate measure to have their sons released some called for the abduction of Israeli soldiers.
Restricting parking on local streets and entrance into the complex are only desperate measures to bring the overcrowding under control.
Moriarty), Ray begins a humiliating and utterly predictable downward spiral that finds him taking increasingly desperate measures to pay back the money, which he loses in a colossally misplaced bet.
Unfortunately, when he decides the constant attention is too much to bear, he discovers his contract is unbreakable, forcing him to take increasingly desperate measures to escape the limelight - and the team of tenacious cameramen following him.
For a film that makes Casualty look like a night in with the Tellytubbies, try Desperate Measures.