desperate criminal

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Kidnappings in Pakistan are carried out by Pakistani militants, separatists, professional criminal groups and inexperienced and desperate criminal individuals.
The jail superintendent submitted a report, on the court's directions, stating that Attique was a hardened and desperate criminal and had been awarded the death sentence in a case and more than 10 cases of heinous crimes such as kidnapping for ransom and murder were still pending against him in various courts.
I think," he warned, "we're dealing with a very desperate criminal.
It is also noteworthy that citizens also act as a shield against such desperate criminal actions and on previous occasions they have helped to apprehend the culprits.
The desperate criminal went from stealing to house burglary and eventually armed robbery to pay for his next hit.
Indeed, in Rusnak's upcoming project, "Meet the Devil," a cop troubled by his military experience in Iraq and haunted by the suicide of his wife strikes an unnatural bargain with a seemingly desperate criminal.
Grand-scale Cecil B DeMille adventure following a Texas Ranger's determined search for a desperate criminal who has fled to Canada.
If the DA has no direct evidence to substantiate Perez's claims, all he has is a desperate criminal trying to escape his destiny.
Random meetings, missed connections: As we soon learn, the speaker is a lovesick cop, while the woman who is the object of his meditation - we see her pushing through the crowd in off-kilter, neon-smeared slow motion - is a desperate criminal.
The gun, which fires a plastic bullet 4in by 1in, will be used to knock down a desperate criminal instead of killing him.
Another is that a desperate criminal "stole" Bill's name and address to give to police.
Insiders say, the police in Punjab have set a criterion to eliminate desperate criminals and the scope of police shootings is amended from time to time.