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Synonyms for despatch

an official report (usually sent in haste)

the property of being prompt and efficient

killing a person or animal

the act of sending off something

send away towards a designated goal

References in classic literature ?
And he there and then decided to despatch one of his courtiers to the Simpleton, with the command that he was to fetch the King the healing water from the world's end before he had finished his dinner.
This special despatch of the Globe has been transmitted by telephone in the presence of twenty people, who have thus been witnesses to a feat never before attempted--the sending of news over the space of sixteen miles by the human voice.
Don Quixote believed it all, and told him he stood there ready to obey him, and to make an end of it with as much despatch as possible; for, if he were again attacked, and felt himself to be dubbed knight, he would not, he thought, leave a soul alive in the castle, except such as out of respect he might spare at his bidding.
It will be my aim to remove the obstacles from your progress in as compendious a manner as it can be done, without sacrificing utility to despatch.
It seldom happens in the negotiation of treaties, of whatever nature, but that perfect SECRECY and immediate DESPATCH are sometimes requisite.
Nicholson returned from dinner they were able to put a despatch into his hands: 'John V.
As to the ship's company, they desired nothing better than to meet the unicorn, to harpoon it, hoist it on board, and despatch it.
Heavy losses of soldiers were mentioned, but the tone of the despatch was optimistic.
Sire, it was impossible to learn; the despatch simply stated the fact of the landing and the route taken by the usurper.