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Synonyms for despairing

Synonyms for despairing

having lost all hope

Synonyms for despairing

arising from or marked by despair or loss of hope


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That said, if a Portuguese child ever goes missing in Britain, we must hope the police aren't as incompetent as those in the Algarve who let down a despairing family.
Imm al Ghazli said, "They were mentioned together because happiness cannot be obtained except through endeavour, hard work and diligence; a despairing person neither seeks nor endeavours, because what he hopes for is impossible in his eyes.
It is this determinate principle that emerges more explicitly towards the end of 1849's The Sickness unto Death, where doubt and loss of hope in forgiveness are evoked under the rubric of perhaps the most intensified form of despair: 'The Sin of Despairing of the Forgiveness of Sins (Offense)'.
Finally, in angry and despairing words that echo Job's own longing for the peace and rest of non-birth, Jeremiah curses the day when he was born, the day that would be the beginning of sorrow and suffering (20:14-18; cf.
When Mandan's Lear is howling, raging, cursing or despairing, for the most part, we're right there with him.