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go away from the surface to which (a substance) is adsorbed

remove from a surface on which it is adsorbed

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Desorption was carried out by continuous peristaltic pumping of 0.
It has been shown that kinetics of Cd and Co desorption from single soil components (Backes et al.
2] are the initial concentrations (t = 0) of metal ion bound to sites with first-order desorption rate constants [k.
20 h of desorption, 23-35% of Ag was desorbed from ferrihydrite, and 2-5% of Ag was desorbed from charcoal regardless of the adsorption reaction time.
The micropores and intraparticle spaces in ferrihydrite are therefore much more likely to be accessible to Ag+ for diffusion-limited adsorption and desorption processes than are the corresponding intraparticle spaces in domains of goethite crystals.
2], NaCl), and phosphate on desorption of Cr was investigated.
This was expected because the desorption experiments were carried out under batch conditions and there was a greater sink for soluble Cr with increasing solution:soil ratio.
Given that 80% of the desorbable Cr was released within 2 h of equilibration of the surface and subsurface soils, we opted to conduct all sequential desorption studies for 2 h duration per equilibration.
2000), who demonstrated a similar pattern in Cr desorption in their column studies, and those of James (1994), who also reported a similar Cr release pattern from alkaline soils.
12 mg/kg was desorbed into water in the first step of desorption (Fig.
Native Cd desorption data are plotted as cumulative amounts of Cd desorbed ([micro]g Cd/kg) with 5 successive equilibrations in 0.
Effect of pH on cumulative desorption of native cadmium Soil pH ([micro] g (% of total Cd) Cd/kg soil) Te Kowhai silt loam 5.
However, the concentrations of native Cd desorbed from the soils during 5 desorption equilibrations represented small proportions only of the intercept concentrations (Table 5).
Added Cd desorption data were plotted as cumulative Cd desorbed during 10 successive desorption events ([micro]g/g) from Cd initially sorbed from an addition of 2 [micro]g Cd/g.
1984), and Jarvis and Jones (1980) who found Cd desorption to be very sensitive to soil pH.