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changing from an adsorbed state on a surface to a gaseous or liquid state

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Then the AB-8 resin was selected for the purification flavonoids due to the higher adsorption and desorption rate than other resin in the purification process.
Hence, Figure 1 was elaborated to indicate that the residual distribution for damaged and control bean grains in the adsorption and desorption was random.
Tender notice number : CMPDI/MM/17-18/4008/AK/ Desorption Canister BQ etc
After desorption equilibrium, the final concentration of MB in the equilibrium solution was determined.
The G-CO 2 desorption at high temperature was important to DRM reaction, the T p of MoP-CA 1 was the lowest among these catalysts, which was advantageous to the dissociation of carbon dioxide and the competitive adsorption between CH 4 and CO 2 [8].
Hydrogen desorption behavior of the three grades after using the reference cycle (5% [H.
It is evident from the previous study that high absorption and desorption capacity of SAP can be used for improving concrete mechanical behavior.
In MALDI (matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization), a matrix (e.
The additional energy, due to the binding forces between the water and the surface of the adsorbent substance, is known as the isosteric heat of desorption in drying processes and is a good parameter for estimating the minimum amount of heat required to remove a given amount of water from the product.
Desorption of metal ions and regeneration of the sorbents was achieved by 0.
Adsorption/desorption trials using four acids indicted, maximum desorption of metal was occurred with HNO3 (qdes: 10 mg/g) followed by HCl (9 mg/g), CH3COOH (8 mg/g) and H2SO4 (7 mg/g).
Desorption behavior is of important processes controlling nutrient mobility and bioavailability in the environment [9].
The assays are utilised to determine hemoglobin variants and diabetes risk, using Bruker's Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation (MALDI) Biotyper platform for clinical mass spectrometry and based on intellectual property developed at the UVic GBC Proteomics Centre.
Among their topics are the equilibrium and kinetic modeling of competitive heavy metals sorption and transport in soils, leaching of antimony from contaminated soils, mercury sorption and desorption by tropical soils, the influence of selenium speciation and fractionation on its mobility in soils, sorption and desorption of heavy metals in low-activity clays under coffee tracts of South India, and release rates of solutes from phosphatic shales in Southeast Idaho in the western US.
Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the parties will establish a joint venture which will concentrate on projects that require thermal recycling and remediation utilising low temperature thermal desorption.