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go away from the surface to which (a substance) is adsorbed

remove from a surface on which it is adsorbed

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To determine whether Silwet L-720 surfactant desorbs anti-[T.
6, increasing the concentration of surfactant was found to desorb mouse anti-[T.
This fraction constitutes Pi adsorbed on the exterior surfaces of the soil matrix from where it may desorb in response to uptake by roots, or alternatively, it may remain associated with the solid phase forming a series of increasingly stronger bonds until it constitutes residual-Pi (Frossard et al.
The dissolved oxygen desorbs from the water, passes across the membrane into the sulfite solution where it is destroyed," Johnson said.
Core recovery times averaged about 12 minutes minimizing the "lost gas" that desorbs from the coal before it can be placed in pressurized canisters for gas-content analysis.
The activated-carbon can adsorb a large amount of vapors in ambient temperature and desorbs it at a higher temperature.
Eventually, enough gas desorbs from the polymer matrix that the effective glass transition temperature of the polymer-gas mixture has reached the foaming temperature.
After saturation at a given pressure, the pressure was dropped in ~10 sec to atmospheric pressure, the samples were removed from the pressure vessel, and allowed to desorb gas for 5 min.
Its products contain a unique blend of 'sorbite' that has the ability to; absorbs and desorbs humidity, lower the ambient temperature of a refrigerator, retards the spread of bacteria, increases the storage life of food by 50%, prevents the transfer of odors, reduces defrost cycles, prevents food shrinkage and decreases energy usage.
In the third step, the carousel of adsorption material rotates through a desorption zone, in which a hot air stream desorbs solvent from the material.
Many food packaging materials used by the refrigerated food industry are hygroscopic and adsorb or desorb water depending on the conditions they experience as they pass through the cold chain.