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go away from the surface to which (a substance) is adsorbed

remove from a surface on which it is adsorbed

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In 2000, the thermal desorber market was estimated at over $10 million with growth in the high-single digits.
TurboMatrix(TM) 650 ATD - Incorporating PPC, this thermal desorber provides outstanding analytical performance in an automated sample-tube handling system for unattended analysis of up to 50 samples for monitoring volatile organic compounds, occupational health and safety, and environmental protection.
Large instrument companies such as PerkinElmer and Thermo Electron often package thermal desorbers with their GCs.
In their most basic forms, thermal desorbers heat the sample, which is then carried directly to a gas chromatography column.
These developments include products based on low thermal mass column assemblies, high-temperature insulation technology for GC components, low-power thermal desorbers for vapor sampling from air, GC interface technologies and related manufacturing technologies.
Contract Awarded for Comprehensive service plans for gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, and desorbers