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go away from the surface to which (a substance) is adsorbed

remove from a surface on which it is adsorbed

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The steady postcolumn line in Figure 1 indicates that the performance of the absorber is limited by the ability of the desorber to clean the ionic liquid.
The desorber was heated to 120[degrees]C and operated at subambient pressure, approximately 1 kPa.
Other thermal desorber sellers include DANI Strumentazione Analitica S.
The liquid phase(9) combines with the reflux (11) originating from the rectifier and enters first in to the GAX desorber (GAXD) then the low-temperature generator (LTG) then finally the high-temperature generator (HTG) and forms the weak solution by desorbing the refrigerant vapor.
In 2000, the thermal desorber market was estimated at over $10 million with growth in the high-single digits.
Implant's new invention describes a very thin desorber that can be heated with a fast pulse of light from a Xenon flash lamp.
Futures contract of sale automated thermal desorber, as well as the purchase of gas and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry systems.
Futures contract of sale automatic thermal desorber, and the supply of gas and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry systems.
TurboMatrix(TM) 650 ATD - Incorporating PPC, this thermal desorber provides outstanding analytical performance in an automated sample-tube handling system for unattended analysis of up to 50 samples for monitoring volatile organic compounds, occupational health and safety, and environmental protection.
Contract notice: Purchase and installation of a gas chromatograph with a mass spectrometer coupled to a thermal desorber
The order also includes Therma-Wave's Environmental Film Desorber (EFD(R)) technology to monitor gate dielectric measurements as well as the Wafer-Bow/Warp/Stress (WBWS(R)) technology for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) stress measurements.
Therma-Wave's Opti-Probe family of products meets the rising demand for these increasingly complex solutions with proprietary features including Therma-Wave's Absolute Ellipsometry (AE) and Desorber technologies.
1: The gas chromatograph coupled to a mass spectrometer integrated with an automated analyzer phase on the surface (HS-GC/MS) and Desorber thermal (TD) and a station for complex sample preparation for GC analysis
Contract notice: Providing a thermal coupling sets desorber and gas chromatograph for dga master nrbc