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go away from the surface to which (a substance) is adsorbed

remove from a surface on which it is adsorbed

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50 Price Per Ton Cement 2014 National Average USGS $1,764,069 Potential Lost Sales Per Year $333,419 Additional Incurred Annual Cost from Differential in CKD and Limestone $2,097,488 Total Annual Cost of Dust Shuttling in Raw Mill Limited Plant Figure 5 : Thermal Desorber Mercury Removal Efficiencies Feed Discharge Run Hg ppm Hg ppm Removal Efficiency 1 0.
The truth is that it cost somebody something to make the heat, and to conserve it, and to deliver it to the desorber.
La retencion del P es reversible, de manera que la cantidad de P desorbido correlaciona con las formas de P labil en Andisoles, encontrando que los suelos pueden desorber entre 76 y 433 mg.
The refrigerant separated in the desorber is then condensed in the condenser, expanded through the expansion device, and evaporated in the evaporator.
En el DTP el NO empieza a desorber desde temperaturas tan bajas como 50[grados]C (para el Cu/CAD) hasta los 480[grados]C, lo que significa que varios complejos de diferentes estabilidades termicas estan siendo formados sobre la superficie.
A thermal desertion unit (Model 890/891, Supelco, 1993) double-stage desorber was used to transfer compounds from the 2-mm Carbotrap to a gas chromatograph (GC) or a GC-mass spectrometer (MS) (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health [NIOSH], 1997).
The next step is sliding the Teflon filter into a holder in the results area of the instrument where a desorber heats it to 300 [degrees]C.
Using patented Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer technology, a sample is heated in the desorber to create vapors that are drawn into the detector and electrically charged by a patented ionization process.
In this case, both stir bars are placed in the thermal desorber and simultaneously thermally desorbed.
The clean adsorbent is then returned to the adsorber, while a stream of air in which styrene has been concentrated 20-fold flows from the desorber to a catalytic oxidizer.
Pyrolysis occurred in the thermal desorber of the PeakMaster, and the resulting volatiles were swept onto a Tenax trap, then desorbed onto the head of the GC column.
The complete mobile measurement portfolio features five flagship instruments: the 490 MicroGC, the 1220 Infinity Mobile LC, the 4100 ExoScan Handheld and 4500 Portable FTIR systems, and the 5975T Mobile GC/MSD, available with the 7667A Mini Thermal Desorber.