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go away from the surface to which (a substance) is adsorbed

remove from a surface on which it is adsorbed

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The moving-bed approach is based on the assumption that the adsorbent phase moves continuously in the opposite direction to the desorbent flow.
On the other hand, the fixed bed approach is based on the actual SMB operation principle that individual fixed beds are connected with inlet and outlet ports while the ports are periodically moved along the direction of desorbent flow.
After zinc and nickel ions sorption, the biomass was filtered, washed three times with distilled water to remove residual nickel ions on the surface, and kept in contact with the 100 ml desorbent solution: HNO3, HCl, EDTA, CH3COOH and distilled water.
filiculoides pieces after treatment with different desorbents.
The desorption percentage ratio is calculated by calculating acquired metal per gram of biomass (qdes) from the concentration of metal desorbents (Cdes) in the solution (Bayramoglu et al.