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go away from the surface to which (a substance) is adsorbed

remove from a surface on which it is adsorbed

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The cyclic desulphurisation that will most likely become necessary after long intervals, however, requires temperatures of at least 600[degrees]C that must be sustained for a relatively long period to desorb the highly stable sulphate stored in the NSC [6, 8].
For, with time increasing, CBM desorbs, the gas migration velocity keeps increasing, which leads to the decrease of gas pressure.
From the study, it has been observed that SP absorbs a significant amount of water and then desorbs almost all part of absorbed water at suitable temperature and relative humidity condition.
Heating to a temperature range from 140 to 200[degrees]C for 10 min will make the chemisorbed molecules start to desorb or decompose, but a heating above 220[degrees]C will totally destroy the dodecanoic acid layer in a short time.
The temperature of Adsorber 2 increased and caused the methanol to desorb from the activated carbon.
Then of course the product of the catalysis can desorb from the surface and get on with its destiny.
It has been my experience that conventional filter pads absorb red wine color and then continually desorb on subsequent uses.
These bottles were transported immediately to the laboratory and shaken for 1 h to desorb N[O.
A de-ionized water loop from Modine moves heat to the hydride bed to desorb hydrogen out of the canisters as well as keep the cell stacks within their 65[degrees] to 75[degrees] temperature range.
The analytes desorb into the column, while the injecting syringe retracts the SPME fibers.
The LTTT system was designed as an onsite system to thermally desorb contaminants from soils.
The introduction of oxygen into this reaction causes an increase in the formaldehyde production and effectively quenches the production of formic acid yet has little or no effect on the temperature at which the products desorb.
When relative humidity changed, the plastic molding would either absorb or desorb water.
The product also will not desorb whatever liquid absorbs from the body.