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go away from the surface to which (a substance) is adsorbed

remove from a surface on which it is adsorbed

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The adsorbent generates adsorption heat when the adsorbent adsorbs the adsorbate, and desorbs the adsorbate when the adsorbent is heated by coolant water from the internal combustion engine.
This data represent the best estimate characterization for how this coating absorbs and desorbs moisture during the diurnal cycle in the G90-cycle 3 exposure environment.
All composites may desorb water when exposed to lower humidity and/or higher temperature atmospheres and absorb moisture when exposed to humid atmospheres or when immersed in water.
It is heated to an elevated temperature to provide energy to desorb the moisture and thereby regenerate the desiccant wheel.
The adsorbed hydroxyl-Zn ions and the surface precipitate of Zn(II) are difficult to desorb by unbuffered salts such as KN[O.
1] He flow; trap A rest, 30[degree] C; trap A desorb, 300[degree] C for 4 min.
Once you have enough wells drilled to properly dewater a high perm area, you expect to see more and more wells ramping up in gas production and new wells coming on line with gas as the dewatering lowers pressure and allows more and more gas to desorb off the coal.
All the experiments conducted in this section gave similar results, and it can therefore be concluded that the adsorbed phenol indeed did desorb from the GAC, and was therefore available for cell growth.
These results indicate that Silwet L-720 surfactant can desorb capture antibodies from the surface of the PS beads supplied with the IMMULITE 2500 [TT.
As the cartoon in Figure 4 shows, electrochemistry provides surface science with a "joystick" that can be used to force ions and molecules to adsorb or desorb, to form ordered or disordered adlayers, change their surface orientation, spread them into a uniform film or group them together into surface aggregates.
In the family of plastic fascia materials, commercial PU/urea polymers exhibit a moderate tendency to absorb and desorb moisture.
Stripping also becomes more difficult, because the hydrocarbons do not desorb as easily due to the higher hydrocarbon partial pressure in the reactor/stripper (Section 12.
The process included several steps: first, the substrate to be coated was pretreated by the single CRNP for 5 min to clean it and to desorb contaminants.
Many food packaging materials used by the refrigerated food industry are hygroscopic and adsorb or desorb water depending on the conditions they experience as they pass through the cold chain.
A thermal desorber/gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (TDU/GC/MS) system was utilized to desorb and quantify TVOC.