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any of several malignant neoplasms (usually of the skin) consisting of melanocytes

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Since it was first identified as a variant of malignant melanoma by Conley et al (1) in 1971, desmoplastic melanoma has presented diagnostic challenges.
Desmoplastic Melanoma (DM) is a rare form of cancer occurring in less than two per cent worldwide.
Desmoplastic (sclerotic) nevus: An underrecognized entity that resembles dermatofibroma and desmoplastic melanoma.
S100 expression in cutaneous scars: a potential diagnostic pitfall in the diagnosis of desmoplastic melanoma.
In situ studies have shown that bFGF expression is absent in normal melanocytes and becomes detectable during neoplastic progression of melanocytic lesions, including desmoplastic melanoma.
21) Consistently, FISH results are abnormal in almost all metastatic melanomas and aggressive nodular melanomas and in only 50% of more-indolent desmoplastic melanoma.
Expression of Melan-A and Ki-67 in desmoplastic melanoma and desmoplastic nevi.
Assessment of the role of sentinel lymph node biopsy for primary cutaneous desmoplastic melanoma.
7) Conversely, strong and diffuse expression of this marker in a spindle cell melanocytic lesion makes a diagnosis of desmoplastic melanoma unlikely.
23,29) Sclerosing (Desmoplastic) Blue Nevus Sclerosing BN, also known as a desmoplastic blue nevus, is an important morphologic variant of BN, which must not be confused with desmoplastic melanoma or a soft tissue tumor.
A tumor subgroup that may not benefit from the examination of SLN is that of pure desmoplastic melanoma, since such lesions only rarely metastasize to the SLN.
32 Because MUM1 expression appears to be present in both nevi and in melanomas, and it does not highlight desmoplastic melanoma more effectively than well-established stains do, it is unclear whether it will have a role in the future and what that role would be.
In the adult population, desmoplastic melanoma and spindle cell (sarcomatoid) squamous cell carcinoma are substantially more common in the head and neck region and should be considered first in this age group.
desmoplastic melanoma, nevoid melanoma, and spindle-cell melanoma).
Xu et al (15) evaluated a series of 30 S100+ melanomas, reporting the presence of 8 HMB-45+/ Melan-A+, 9 HMB-45-/Melan-A+, and 13 HMB-45-/ Melan-A- lesions, the latter including 8 desmoplastic melanomas.