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Flora of New Zealand: freshwater algae, Chlorophyta, Desmids.
Growth responses of planktonic desmid species in a temperature: light gradient.
A synopsis of North American Desmids part 11: Desmidiaceae: Placodermae.
Planktonic desmids of three Amazonian systems (lake Batata, lake Mussura and Trombetas river), Para, Brasil.
The most important factor towards a correct taxonomical identification of algae is the careful detailed knowledge of its morphological variability, much more when desmids are concerned since the species concept in the group is presently so very bad defined (Kouwets, 2008).
Morphological characteristics subjected to constant modification need to be carefully studied and identified, and morphological 'accidents' shall not be used for the proposition of new species and infraspecific taxa in desmids.
Botos Lake was dominated by dinoflagelates (Hargraves & Viquez 1981, Umana 2001), Chato Lake was dominated by desmids (Arthodesmus bifidus) and Cryptophyta was not found in the samples (Umana & Jimenez 1995).
In Amazon waters, desmids are considered an important group due to the acidic conditions of the waters (Huszar 1996b, 2000, Keppeler et al.
Moreover, maximal densities of phytoplankton in Dom Helvecio Lake are often registered during stratification periods when desmids dominate within the upper layers and Cyanobacteria are more abundant within the lower ones.
The absence of many species of desmids could be due to their preference for brackish or high saline waters.
The occurrence method of stomach content analysis also indicated that food of plant source (origin) were more important than animal food organisms for this species, all of them occurred in more than 80 % of stomachs examined except desmids that occurred in 57.
Contrastingly, diatoms (Bacillariophyceae) and desmids decreased from station A to D.