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freshwater green algae

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Different response mechanisms of two planktonic desmid species (Chlorophyceae) to a single saturating addition of phosphate.
Andy Fischer The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio, USA Vertical section of a chick retina (400x) Confocal Michael Gibson Northamptonshire Natural History Society Northampton, UK Single desmid, a species from the genus Closterium (200x) Brightfield, Oblique Illumination Torri Hancock U.
Desmids were negatively related to bicarbonates but favoured by moderate temperature (Table-3).
During the summer many species of cyanobacteria, diatoms such as Asterionella and Fragellaria, dinoflagellates, desmids, calanoid copepods, and cladocerans are present whereas in the winter there are centric diatoms, calanoid copepods, the cyanobacterium Anabacna, and small flagellated algae.
Over a third of all algal species identified to date belong to the large group of algae known as Desmids.