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In a study of colonization by periphytic algae in glass slides close to macrophyte stands, Rodrigues and Bicudo (2001) related the high richness of desmids in the periphytic community to the presence of macrophyte stands.
Ecological characteristics are given for thhese desmids.
The occurrence method of stomach content analysis also indicated that food of plant source (origin) were more important than animal food organisms for this species, all of them occurred in more than 80 % of stomachs examined except desmids that occurred in 57.
This is true of many desmids and diatoms found in the Andean lakes in Colombia.
With its several rows of sharp teeth, the tiny creature scrapes off and feeds on diatoms, desmids, and other algae.
Algae of the Western Great Lakes area, with an illustrated key to the genera of desmids and freshwater diatoms.
During the rainy season, pennate diatoms and desmids from functional group P (Closterium sp.
2007) studied the Paraibuna and Pomba River and recorded a dominance of diatoms and desmids in the biovolume in the middle and downstream stretch of Pomba River.
Algae of the western Great Lakes area with an illustrated key to the genera of desmids and freshwater diatoms.
This group is characterized by the dominance of desmids, specially Staurastrum paradoxum and C.
Moreover, maximal densities of phytoplankton in Dom Helvecio Lake are often registered during stratification periods when desmids dominate within the upper layers and Cyanobacteria are more abundant within the lower ones.
Among the Chlorophyta, the desmids were the most diverse, accounting for 52% of the taxa of this division.
Contrastingly, diatoms (Bacillariophyceae) and desmids decreased from station A to D.