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a personal computer small enough to fit conveniently in an individual workspace

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Lin estimated Acer would ship 1,000 of the desktop computer a month in Taiwan alone.
NEC CSD's new desktop computer creates a new category in the desktop space called "microdesktop.
Radio Shack is marking down its entire line of Compaq computers, including a 300 megahertz desktop computer, with monitor and printer, for $950, down from $1,500.
For example, one desktop computer advertised at retail for $99 actually cost $689 at the register, requiring three separate rebates and the requirement to enter a cell-phone contract with a third-party vendor.
powering off, uncabling and packing the desktop computer equipment into protective bags,
Part 5: Supply of desktop computer with monitor 2 pcs 1 pc
Not content with fighting to dominate the Internet, several of America's top computer companies are opening a second front this week to try to take control of millions of desktop computers used by businesses around the world.
A desktop computer, which Unisys used for maintenance and support of a VA insurance collections management system, and which the company believes contained a copy of some VA data, is now missing.
Office 2013-Standard 7)All-in-one Desktop Computer with preloaded Operating
1-inch color screen - cost significantly more than a desktop computer equivalent with a brighter, 15-inch color monitor.
Tech professionals are willing to bypass their BlackBerry, set aside their cell phone and ignore their iPod, but they can't go a day without their laptop or desktop computer, a new Web poll conducted by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) reveals.
Dual core processors, originally an option for Dell's higher-end XPS(TM) systems, are now available as options on the Inspiron(TM) E1705 and Inspiron E1505 notebook computers, and Dimension(TM) 5150 desktop computer.
The drawing for the desktop computer will be held Monday, April 3, and the winner will be notified of when to pick up their free Nano desktop computer.
PC Laptops' store at 4080 Riverdale Road in Riverdale is also undergoing expansion and remodeling in connection with the company's expansion into the desktop computer marketplace.