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the top of a desk

(computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear

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VB has become a de facto standard for software development since its introduction in 1991 for desktop Windows applications due to its ease of use, intuitive nature and extensibility.
The brand-new Android Windows absorbs experience characteristics of mobile internet hardware products and the abundant experience and essence of desktop Windows, and thus promotes user experience and the usability of portable devices such as Android-powered tablets.
The Pragmatic Investor is a desktop Windows application that allows anyone to quickly and easily analyze stocks and funds using the best-of-breed strategies devised by some of the greatest minds in the investment arena - including Benjamin Graham, the quintessential value investor, and Nobel Laureates Harry Markowitz and William Sharpe.
A desktop Windows client is currently in beta testing and will be generally available in spring 1994.
Hardware 3D acceleration through X-Forge's OpenGL ES and other standards -- Support of any genre of 2D and 3D games, while optimized for popular genres -- Develop once on desktop windows - deploy easily to multiple mobile platforms -- Designed for mobile devices - limited memory, processing power and controls -- Supports multiple operating systems -- Symbian Series 60 and UIQ -- Windows Mobile (Pocket PC, Smartphone) and Windows CE.
These products bring the power of pen computing technology to desktop Windows and Macintosh personal computer users at very low cost.
Automatic Investor is a desktop Windows application that allows anyone to enter all relevant portfolio information quickly and easily.
This new, complete pen input system from CIC brings the power of pen computing to desktop Windows users at all levels of experience.
Handwriter for Windows brings the power of pen computing to desktop Windows users at the breakthrough price of $199, and will allow us to serve the estimated 150 million existing and new desktop personal computer users.
The new Contenda weights in at less than four pounds yet carries all the important features of a desktop Windows workstation.
The new Model 2920 is a controller-based PCI-bus internal modem for desktop Windows and Linux PCs.
The video stream is fed from any desktop Windows 98 PC equipped with WebHead Host software and a Kodak DVC 323 camera.
RP/Server provides direct access to mainframe data from the desktop Windows environment, converting the mainframe into a powerful server for data delivery while providing application partitioning for optimized performance on the server and on the desktop.