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restricted to working in an office rather than in an active physical capacity


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Research shows what you do for a living has a huge impact on your weight, with many workers with stressful or desk-bound jobs ballooning in size.
An American doctor believes the rise in the condition is directly related to the drop in physical exercise among children in our increasingly desk-bound and car-dominated society.
Dell is committed to delivering cost-effective products that transform a desk-bound workforce into a flexible, mobile workforce.
The guidelines issued by the Department of Health recommend that desk-bound staff carry out 'office work-outs' to increase activity, fight obesity and improve health.
In today's knowledge economies most professions are desk-bound and doctors advise getting up frequently and walking around, even if you are just walking across to talk to a colleague, instead of sending an e-mail.
We are not only surrounded by roadworks, we are surrounded by faceless desk-bound officials who decide to arrange roadworks
AN INITIATIVE to encourage desk-bound workers to get active has been backed by staff working for a South Wales Assembly Member.
As a result of being given desk-bound work at a computer, instead of a neighbourhood policing role, he said he would fall asleep on the job "with embarrassing regularity.
Cyberset smashes the stereotype of the cloistered, desk-bound online marketer with Southern California community events and visits to client businesses.
THOSE working in physically demanding jobs are more susceptible to heart disease than their desk-bound counterparts, new research shows.
Their health fears stem from the sedentary lifestyle of the pope, a workaholic who has been unhealthily desk-bound since his inauguration, as he races to push through reforms at the Vatican.
Irritable Desk Syndrome (IDS) has been identified as a new affliction in Britain's increasingly desk-bound workplace.
They are called before the usual desk-bound chief who does not understand.
Earlier this year he revealed plans to recruit 1,000 civilians to staff inquiry desks and other internal posts, in order to release desk-bound officers onto the streets.