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the police sergeant on duty in a police station

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The immediate benefit has been to pass ownership of the law enforcement shift from the desk sergeant to the patrol supervisor, which has improved the performance of the patrols in every aspect.
No excuses will be accepted, with even the longest-serving desk sergeants having to get out there.
It surely will not surprise any E&P reader who has spent time covering cop shops -- where desk sergeants blandly tell reporters that "everything's quiet" no matter what havoc has been loosed on the streets -- to learn that as of Thanksgiving the beepers had not sounded a single time.
The men and women behind the counter have learned their manners from a careful study of television police-station desk sergeants who are trying to do their jobs in the face of the noise from a cage-full of coked-up prostitutes and their pimps.
He is proposing that senior lead officers, the officers whose full-time job it is to work with various community organizations, such as Neighborhood Watch and homeowners associations, be put back on patrol and their jobs be handled by precinct desk sergeants.
Paragon Systems, based in the Washington, DC area, will provide highly trained armed guards, special police officers, emergency dispatchers, desk sergeants, emergency medical technicians and alarm monitors to the DHS headquarters 24 hours a day, seven days a week.