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the police sergeant on duty in a police station

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Some of the prison sentences were very short, as little as 24 hours on one occasion, when he was held in an unlocked police station cell and told by the desk sergeant to "bugger off when no-one's looking".
What's the Latin, the desk sergeant asked, for "always in the s**t"?
Will a desk sergeant be stationed at the end of the fruit and veg aisle while crime victims queue patiently to make their complaints?
The desk sergeant tells him no, but that everything is being done to find the bombers.
Sergeant Joshua Parker, a military policeman with the 4th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, was the desk sergeant on duty at the Directorate of Emergency Services building the morning the storm hit.
I had many short careers--as store detective, roofer, framing carpenter, police desk sergeant, stagehand, security guard, lathe operator in a sledgehammer handle factory, receptionist in a homeless shelter, mail carrier.
I questioned the desk sergeant about the legality of this and his response was basically 'tough, it's the law'.
In between pantomimes, they do vast amounts of work on cruise ships while Robin pops up on TV when required as the bus driver in Coronation Street and the grumpily disinterested desk sergeant, Sgt Edwards, in Emmerdale.
As a law-enforcement desk sergeant, he frequently had opportunities to excel when conversing with other people on base.
The sight of the desk sergeant locking up the station at 5pm and going home for his tea will hardly sent out a reassuring message to the public.
For example, policemen arbitrarily stop Bob and Alice while driving in Santa Monica, and later, when the couple is arrested, the desk sergeant at the station threatens them to" get back where you belong and stay there'" (64).
As a result, a relatively minor orthopedic impairment is almost always disabling, regardless of whether the applicant is the desk sergeant or a deputy on patrol who is routinely required to chase and apprehend felons,'' Saladino wrote.
The desk sergeant on the line informs the chief that the mayor and her family have been taken hostage in their home during a bungled burglary attempt.
Over the past 12 months, Enforsys has strengthened its market leadership through the acquisition of Desk Sergeant and Munipol, two respected CAD and RMS companies, as well as Emergency Software Products, Inc.
Murdoch Mysteries are shown on the Alibi channel in Britain and have even more fans in Canada, including the prime minister, Stephen Harper, who asked to appear in the series and made a cameo in 2010 as a desk sergeant.