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a telephone set that sits on a desk or table

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This unprecedented offer includes Fonality Ultimate Edition, a Polycom desk phone upgrade, and the powerful Record All add-on for just $39.
By using the Tango Networks solution, Unify customers can now receive and make corporate calls on their mobile phones, leveraging company calling plans and enterprise voice features such as conferencing, three-digit dialing, call transfer, and a single mailbox supporting both the mobile and desk phones.
CAPEX OPEX Typical desk phone with $200 $40/year Power over Ethernet Average to good quality $50 $100/year wired headset for an IF phone Totals $250 $140/year
The demand for desk phones, printers and traditional meeting rooms is declining.
The feature-packed Aastra 6739i is a market-leading touch screen business desk phone, delivering high quality enterprise communications with advanced features, such as Bluetooth and dual Gigabit Ethernet.
Another great application of Voice-over IP technology is the soft phone, which is turning your PC or laptop into a device that has the ability to operate as a desk phone.
THE ECHO sports desk phone lines were hot last Friday with many unhappy punters ringing in to complain about the racing coverage for Saturday.
Working the help desk phone line is just one of her tasks.
The T-Mobile Office Connect solution is integrated into T-Mobile's nationwide 4G network and streamlines accessibility and improves responsiveness as it extends desk phone capabilities to mobile phones.
6 percent) of workers surveyed use their desk phone as their top choice for taking and making work calls.
The technology, called C Spire UNIFI, links a worker's smartphone, tablet, desk phone and computer to one business number for every call, voice mail and message.
BlackBerry MVS unifies corporate phone systems with wireless communications allowing employees to cost effectively and securely make and take desk phone calls practically anywhere in the world on their BlackBerry[R] smartphones.
The rich functionality and modularity of BCS allows service providers to serve a variety of users - from traditional users, requiring only a desk phone, to the most advanced users demanding a fully unified communication experience consistent across all device types including mobiles, PCs, Macs and desk phones," noted Oviedo.
See photos)<p>In addition, the Avaya 9620L desk phone has been designated as a PoE Class 1 phone, meaning that average power consumption is only 2.
The new Savi Office is designed for office workers and can be used for desk phone calls as well as PC audio and softphone calls.