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a military officer who is not assigned to active duty

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About the same time or, perhaps, a bit later, Bill Sowash, Dominican Desk Officer, took a two-week leave or holiday leaving me, a 25-year old, in charge.
The UFO desk officer spent so long dealing with Freedom of Information requests from geeks that the department has been disbanded and all its paperwork transferred to the National Archives.
The archive also reveals that until the post was abolished in 2009, UFO Desk Officers undertook alien investigations for the MoD.
While posted in Washington, Waller worked as deputy director of the Office of European Regional Security and Political-Military Affairs, as a special assistant to the deputy secretary of State and the Under Secretary for Political Affairs as well as a desk officer post for Iran.
From 1986 to 1988, Ries served in Malta and as the Vatican Desk Officer.
In Washington, Stevens has served as special assistant to the Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Iran desk officer, and staff assistant in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs.
The Chronicle understands he placed the Class A drug on the counter and told the desk officer he would like to hand himself in.
A desk officer in the Millbury state police barracks said accidents involving tractor-trailer trucks were reported in the north and southbound lanes of Route 146 near the Worcester line before the 16-vehicle crash.
of Cambridge), she was desk officer in charge of Legal Affairs and Human Rights Affairs in the cabinet of Egypt's Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2008 to 2010, so her view is from the front row.
Timothy Torlot, joined the Diplomatic Service in 1989 and began his career as a desk officer in the Middle East Department.
Her previous career includes service as political officer at the Bulgarian embassy in Washington, in 2000-2003 and desk Officer for Germany at the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry.
Upon receipt of the cable in Washington, the DoS Country Desk Officer must take the cable and run the names against three separate databases operated by three separate bureaus within DoS.
Michael Eccles, Indonesia desk officer at Islamic Relief in Birmingham, said: "From planning the layout of new villages to the design of houses, community involvement has been essential.
Pierre Cibambo, Caritas International is desk officer for Africa, said Caritas would continue its work in the region.
The desk officer will then communicate that information to the U.