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The CBH team, under the direction of MSCM Henry Salazar, was a complete success with MSC (SW) Ochoa and the front desk clerks receiving many Bravo Zulu's for their impeccable performance.
When he was angry about his mail, Eli would tell the front desk clerks, including Beth, to "shut up" if they were talking, or he would mumble obscenities.
We met only one defender of communism during our visit, a taxi driver whom a hotel desk clerk called for us.
This gives the desk clerks time to restore the keys in their slots before the afternoon rush of new guests.
When the Embassy Suites, at the Minneapolis airport, opened in September 1986, occupancy for its 311 rooms was at 40% and desk clerks were receiving and writing down 75 to 100 messages a day.
In today's world, they may have one of several different titles, such as customer service representatives and information desk clerks.
From bellmen to front- desk clerks to security guards, I found the staff universally personable and responsive.
Our customers will be better served, management costs reduced, while making things easier for our lodging partners' desk clerks.
From bell staff, front desk clerks and phone technicians to cooks, wranglers, float guides and excursion boat captains; the company needs to fill approximately 1,000 jobs in the areas of hotel services, food and beverage, engineering, culinary, accounting, retail stores, campgrounds, corrals, transportation, launderette, marina, service stations, guest activities, and other services.