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a hotel receptionist

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What was even more curious, when we checked out a day early, the desk clerk didn't seem the least bit interested in inquiring as to whether the stay had been enjoyable - or why it was being cut abruptly short.
One desk clerk told of a visit a few weeks back of Jerry Dunphy, the KCAL (Channel 9) news anchor.
We're asking hotels to honor the living wage so we can have a decent life," said Patricia Delgado, a front desk clerk at the Westin Hotel on Century Boulevard.
This led to him working as a desk clerk for KNX Radio, Los Angeles, where, after three years, he was made a staff writer.
The One Feather family and I offer a special thank you to officer Blas, Detective Figueraro, the desk clerk that Sunday morning who kindly helped Delmarina and me with the paperwork and all the Palm Springs Police for their efforts in the recovery.
The doctor's desk clerk always greets Weller and his wife as though she has never seen them before.
I woke up by a little man who claimed he was the front desk clerk.
She has 22 years of experience in the hospitality industry and has pretty much done it all, working her way up from desk clerk to management positions.
Amy Goodpasture, the front desk clerk at the motel, told the Jonesboro Sun that several community and church groups have come to her motel in recent days to offer help.
Try to escape the fix-ups of well-meaning acquaintances by jumping to Gibraltar and even the desk clerk will have a cousin you should meet.
As I was checking in the desk clerk said, oh so apologetically, that without a credit card number she could not open my in-room refrigerator.
com The proposal: In bed over eggy bread cut into hearts and kisses PHOTOGRAPHER: Jill Alderson | Lab supervisor Michael Kemp, 28, |and Desk clerk Katie Kemp, 26, of and Desk clerk Katie Kemp, 26, of Stanley, County durham, married at Gibside Hotel, Whickham.
I walked the note to the front desk and added a tip, telling the front desk clerk that we were leaving in the morning and would like the room made up early.
Set in Soviet Russia in 1927, a former member of nobility worked as a desk clerk, until his grandmother revealed on her deathbed that her family jewellery had been hidden from the Bolsheviks in one of the 12 chairs from the family's dining room set.