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3) This is perhaps surprising, given the outwardly subversive message embodied by the Bhagavata's gopis, married women who recklessly abandon their husbands and children and dharma, and rush desirously to the forest for an erotic, adulterous encounter with Krsna.
Verbal and visual media interact desirously or frictionally, producing the energeia that marks Byatt's style.
It is an iconography that desirously posits a demented Lucia in the living-room, a murderous Medea in the nursery, and a suicidal Tosca on a balcony.
In bed, or perhaps on the rack, submissives utter few words more delightedly and desirously than the time-honored "Thank you, sir.
37cd ya no uru usati visrayate / yasyam usantah praharama sepam Who will desirously open up her thighs for us, in whom we will desirously stick our penis.