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Perhaps we should say that central ends are intensely desired states of affairs in which the person doing the desiring brings something about.
So begins Jonathan Goldberg's Desiring Women Writing: English Renaissance Examples.
She writes that "see-want-borrow-and-buy is a comparative process; desire is structured by what we see around us," (46) in our increasing exposure to others who are themselves captive to consumer desiring, and our idolizing of those in the upper part of the upper-middle class, the top 20 percent of income earners in the United States--as well as our exposure to television and our degree of education, both of which she argues are positively correlated with increased consumption or less saving.
To those desiring liberation, Vedanta offers a smorgasbord of yoga practices.
13] Desire calls the poet to reveal himself fully and to cease lying; that is, to get up and act on his sexual desires but also to give up his duplicitous, double life, and reveal himself for who he is as a desiring being.
Simply stated, what this book proposes to its readers is a meditation on desiring words.
She has the "benign detachment required to identify with the mother" (60) as desiring subject.
In addition, Jones traces the specific and complex ways that an ancestral slave narrative works on the terrain of family as the family produces and reproduces the modem desiring subject.
We are made up of such desire, and we are at bottom very affirmative, affirming this future, desiring it, hoping and having faith.
Many tax advisers believe that the individual desiring to sell the stock should not (in most instances) be the grantor when using a grantor trust in this type of transaction.
Encompassed by the desires of others and intimately involved in the production of love tokens, Cripple adamantly refuses to participate as a desiring subject within these imbricated economies.
Vivaldo's lesson then is both a lesson in desire and a lesson "in" Ida's sanctum - his desiring relation to Ida's racial experience.