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Synonyms for desired

Synonyms for desired

greatly desired

wanted intensely


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Even in the case where I do what is in fact good, this will not be because I desired to do it.
On the basis of this approach, we included three covariates (age, number of living children and whether the woman desired more children) in the model; other variables, including education, marital status, household income and type of residence, were tested in the model, but made no significant contribution and were excluded.
Although today's woman has more liberty in decision making of children to be borne, nevertheless, considerable son preference still keeps them under pressure to bear desired number of sons.
Sexual desire discrepancy: The effect of individual differences in desired and actual sexual frequency on dating couples.
Then one can desire being brave because it is worthy to be desired as such, beyond the need that comes from the love of honor.
Figure on 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of uncooked turkey per person -- more for hearty eaters and if leftovers are desired.
Three main themes related to sex partner selection and sexual relationship dynamics emerged in the in-depth interviews: types of sex partners and desired traits, monogamy and affective needs.
Alternatively, futile care has been defined as "ineffective and incapable of achieving a desired result or goal.
Whether due to the inaccessibility of the desired object, the constraints of nineteenth-century society, or the aesthetics of the realist novel, reciprocal love escapes in general the protagonists.
This can be described further in terms of a dichotomy for violence based on the offender's desired outcome.
And in pursuing your most desired possibilities, you more fully become the unique and valuable person you are.
Irene insists that "she wanted him to be happy," but "it was only in her own way and by some plan of hers for him that she truly desired him to be so" (108).
9] Those who neither desired liberation nor freed themselves from the bondage of the ego will reincarnate.
For example, there was no place in androgynous 1970s lesbian-feminist circles for Femme Amber and the handsome butch women with the hungry mouths and dildos she desired.