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Synonyms for desired

Synonyms for desired

greatly desired

wanted intensely


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Preheat the oven to the desired temperature 15 minutes prior to baking.
Then slowly whisk in the pan drippings (use a fat separator, if desired, to remove as much fat as possible) and chicken broth or stock to the fat mixture over medium heat, creating a silken gravy.
Add mint and ice to tea, straining leaves or not, as desired, before serving.
After baking, decorate as desired with assorted frostings and candy.
Once baked, decorate the cookies using either the Vanilla Butter Cream Icing or the Frosting Paint and Icing tinted colors as desired.
Pour desired amount of pancake batter into hot skillet to make pancakes, the size desired.
Use 1 basil leaf, 1 pepper strip and 1 olive in center as garnish, if desired.
If desired, top with fresh fruits, berries or reduced-fat caramel sauce.
Sexual desire discrepancy: The effect of individual differences in desired and actual sexual frequency on dating couples.
After distinguishing between calm and violent passions, he describes how vivid images of desired objects affect an agent's motivational states.
Aligning the erotic psychology of the former with the tripartite psychology of the latter creates some interesting if not always convincing arguments, principally around the arguably circular idea that philosophical desires are nobler because they are inspired by those objects desired by superior human beings (111-12).
Figure on 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of uncooked turkey per person -- more for hearty eaters and if leftovers are desired.
Three main themes related to sex partner selection and sexual relationship dynamics emerged in the in-depth interviews: types of sex partners and desired traits, monogamy and affective needs.
Alternatively, futile care has been defined as "ineffective and incapable of achieving a desired result or goal.
Although this goal does not challenge capitalist consumption and exploitation, the choice to work to be seen, known and desired, and to define an aspect of consumer culture such as pornography, symbolizes a profound aspiration on the part of some Black women to utilize an embodied commodity fetishism for the purposes of self-advancement.