desire to know

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Synonyms for desire to know

curiosity that motivates investigation and study

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I want to be enlightened on a subject; then, when I shall have learned what I desire to know, I will withdraw.
In fact (returning unexpectedly to Fledgeby), the better you know him, the more you find in him that you desire to know.
First, I desire thee to tell me, Lothario, if thou knowest my husband Anselmo, and in what light thou regardest him; and secondly I desire to know if thou knowest me too.
To see the black tulip, Monseigneur," said Van Baerle, clasping his hands, "and when I have seen it, when I have seen what I desire to know, I am quite ready to die, if die I must; but in dying I shall bless your Highness's mercy for having allowed me to witness the glorification of my work.
You filled me with a wild desire to know everything about life.
In addition, I had always a most earnest desire to know how to distinguish the true from the false, in order that I might be able clearly to discriminate the right path in life, and proceed in it with confidence.
Before I had time to express any desire to know, he had me by the throat with his gorilla grip, and by a faint quiver of the muscles- -a hint, as it were--he suggested to me the twist that would surely have broken my neck.
Though so far removed from the scenes of her past life, and with so little thought or hope of ever visiting them again, she seemed to have a strange desire to know what happened in the busy world.
com provides a solution for those with a desire to know more about where their orange juice comes from.
He added that the Brazilian side has a great desire to know the details of Omani customs and traditions, which in turn will be reflected positively in the promotion of relations in various fields between the two countries.
Users want to know how exactly they can measure various things on a map, and map makers desire to know how precise maps need to be in order to fulfill user needs.
In turn, the Kazakh Consul expressed the Kazakh businessmen's real desire to know more about the available trade and investment opportunities in Syria.
Aristotle linked the desire to know with the contemplation of nature, not its conquest.
I Have Seen God" is must reading for anyone with a desire to know more of the reality and power of a Living God.
The fall and winter seasons are a time where women are especially concerned about their skin and desire to know how they can retain moisture in their skin during the cold seasons.