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Synonyms for desirable

Synonyms for desirable

arousing erotic desire


Synonyms for desirable

worth having or seeking or achieving

worthy of being chosen especially as a spouse

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Desirably the same construction company which proudly undertook and did an outstanding job in completing the Bahrain Map Interchange Project (Tubli) apart from many land mark projects which made Bahrain proud.
In her budget address, Banerjee said, the Railway is committed to take up socially desirably projects connecting backward areas of the country.
Inger Sigrun Brodey has read the ha-ha in Mansfield Park in terms of an ambivalence regarding authority: the ha-ha acts, on the one hand, as a form of authority that relies on external constraint--"restriction that is imposed externally," against which the young inhabitants of Mansfield rebel--but also more desirably in "the authority that is felt in more subtle ways, in the form of an internal conscience or sense of delicacy" (93), which Fanny possesses.
Less desirably, though, a further consequence will be plummeting popularity for the SNP and the end of any hope of liberation.
Under the agreement, Joyu's group is liable to pay damages annually to victims and is required to pay at least 3 million yen and desirably 8 million yen in 2009.
Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry appreciated and lauded the efforts of his brother Judges and expressed the hope that very soon the Court will succeed in considerably reducing and ultimately diminishing the huge pendency, desirably within the current year, by expediting its disposal at the present pace.
On a side lower than the vertical position of the air diffuser pipe(s) as first air diffuser pipe(s), at least one, preferably plural second air diffuser pipe can be desirably arranged to intermittently feed oxygen-containing gas into the organically-polluted water in the treatment tank such that the organically-polluted water can be agitated as a whole.
Calabria manages to combine a fantastic culture, excellent temperate climate, delicious cuisine, with a range of fascinating towns and villages, as well as some of the most desirably beautiful countryside in the world, making it a region unlike any other-timeless and evergreen in its appeal.
UV15-7DC is not inhibited by air and exhibits a desirably fast UV cure at ambient temperatures.
Less desirably, they can also be a little under-powered.
works are not only inevitably but also desirably bound to the world
This desirably handsome car for all seasons is better looking and much classier and refined in every respect than its predecessor and, while there are a number of good-looking rivals on the scene - such as the Honda CR-V, Nissan X-Trail and the Toyota RAV4 - but if your quest is for simply the best both on and off-road then this Liverpool Land Rover could just be the one.
The latex nanoparticles desirably have high glass transition temperatures in excess of 50[degrees]C, and they preferably consist of cross-linked copolymers of styrene or methyl(meth) acrylate with methacrylic acid.
She said: "The image of the thistle is desirably Scottish and the message highlights Glasgow 'the friendly city' and shows how through sport the Commonwealth can be united.
It's a step up in scale, with the collective having snared desirably elusive Chicago mix-man Green Velvet, Glaswegian electronica darling Alex Smoke and a host of others.