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Synonyms for desirableness

the quality of being worthy of desiring


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attractiveness to the opposite sex

References in classic literature ?
She deliberately demonstrated that she was desirable to other men, as he involuntarily demonstrated his own desirableness to the women.
In al-Juwayni's text the desirableness of piety is asserted strictly with reference to the advice of the Prophet, "A woman may be married for four [things]: her property, lineage, beauty, or piety (din), so get a pious one (fa-zfar bi-dhat al-din) [or] may your hands be sullied.
Some issues such as desirableness of workplace, providing rest room, providing working instruments, cooperation in solving problems and supporting employees by the manager, that can create mentality that can be considered as desirable and appropriate circumstances for workplace.
On the desirableness of personal relations between librarians and readers: The past and future of reference service.
43) Hence, there arises a positive theory of Hong Kong administrative law that leaves to normative theorists questions regarding the merits and desirableness of the various doctrines.
The holding time is based on a desirableness factor.
Earl Grey wrote also to Fitzroy, the Governor of New South Wales (which then included Port Phillip), urging the desirableness of a uniform gauge, and suggesting 4 feet 8 1/2 inches, partly because it had been adopted in South Australia, and partly because it was thought better adapted to a somewhat undeveloped country than a wider gauge, with heavier rolling-stock.