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Synonyms for desirability

Synonyms for desirability

the quality of being worthy of desiring

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attractiveness to the opposite sex

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Accordingly, social desirability informs us of the "likeableness" we can attribute to others in their relationships with others.
First, we extend the entrepreneurial opportunity literature by integrating the concept of temporal distance into research on desirability and feasibility in models of opportunity evaluation and exploitation.
ICONIC: The Vantage, one of the models from Aston Martin, the brand at the top of the desirability list
This study solicited principals' perceptions of their desirability for professional development as it related to the high stakes accountability in terms of current legislation.
Social desirability bias is commonly mentioned in reference to questioning surrounding healthful eating habits, medical research and drug use.
Participants viewed the two-minute clips and then were asked about the video quality of the clips and desirability of the movie content.
However, to win important awards like these, several years running, in what is a highly competitive marketplace, really is testament to the desirability, capability and practicality of our product offering and is something of which we are tremendously proud.
Table 2 shows mean frequency of use of condoms or other contraceptives in the last three months, as well as mean social desirability.
Previous research suggested that the instrument needed further validity testing relating it to other constructs (Farmer, 2005; Ferro, 2005; Vanderbleek, 2005), such as social desirability (Myers et al.
Indeed, measures of subjective well-being can be influenced by current situational factors, individual's mood and, particularly, by social desirability response bias (Diener, 2000).
Main features: This study has four distinct missions: - to assess the current functioning of France sector its development potential; - to study the feasibility and desirability of the realization of an airport structure on French territory; - to study the feasibility and desirability of developing activities and related services to the airport; - to study the development of the identified infrastructure and airport operations
Consequently, the desirability of distant goals can overshadow their feasibility.
In the endeavour to identify and avoid the faking behaviour when answering to personality tests, some strategies were devised such as the use of social desirability scales or the use of response times (Donovan et al.
Hence, as a scalarization approach, systematically modification on the desirability levels of the objective values of multiobjective problems can be employed for solving these problems.
This construct of TPB reflects the perceived desirability of performing the behavior (Krueger et al.