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Synonyms for desirability

Synonyms for desirability

the quality of being worthy of desiring

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attractiveness to the opposite sex

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2) Do the following factors affect principals' perceptions of their desirability for professional development: experience level of the principal, level of school (elementary, middle or high school), the percentage of minority children, the percentage of children with disabilities, the percentage of children with limited English proficiency, the percentage of children in poverty within the school's population, the school's current Title 1 funding status, and the school's current AYP accreditation?
By incorporating the additional scenario, in which an answer for the average American is requested, we were able to identify the existence of social desirability bias in the answers provided.
But after we started analyzing the data, we determined what was driving this was the actual desirability of the content," Kortum said.
Participants were asked to rate the sexual experience of that person, their desirability as a date and as a potential marital partner, and to assess some of their other presumed traits (e.
Glass's says that the new car is priced very favourably against some of its key rivals, such as the Peugeot 206 CC and Ford StreetKa, and its desirability will build on the success and badge kudos of the hard-top version.
In 1995, the State Board of Tax Commissioners (Board) applied a neighborhood desirability rating of excellent to property owned by Joseph G.
For the purpose of this study, four questions focused specifically on (1) exercise frequency, (2) perceived fitness, (3) perceptions of sexual desirability, and (4) sexual performance.
Thirty years after Byker, twenty years after the housing association work promoted by the Liberals in Liverpool, ten years after certain 'community architecture' methods have been entirely discredited, and five years after Jeremy Till's memorable angels with dirty faces', it really is not enough to give us a simplistic sermon on the desirability of communal participation and charge us [pounds sterling]24.
Consultant Kam Kuwata also said police and fire protection could suffer if the Valley separates from Los Angeles, reducing the desirability of Valley homes.
This is particularly true of Marxist sociologists whose analysis of the negative consequences of capitalism was direct and forceful and whose advocacy of a the desirability of a collectivist alternative was unequivocal.
In its interpersonal manifestation, it affirms the reality of the beloved, that is to say, his or her truth, goodness, and desirability.
Next, we specifically consider political tactics, offering hypotheses on categories of political tactics, people's perceptions of the social desirability of political tactics, and differences in people's frequency of use compared with their perceptions of the social desirability of political tactics.
Copies of the report, The Feasibility and Desirability of Mandatory Subordinated Debt, are available on the web sites of the Board, www.
The IRS stated, "After considering these comments regarding the desirability of requiring the retention of an extended payment form, and in light of the ability of participants to replicate any extended payment form that a defined contribution plan may offer by rolling over a single-sum distribution to an IRA, the IRS and the Treasury Department have determined that any advantages of requiring the retention of an extended payment form are outweighed by the countervailing considerations.
In your editorial of the same issue, you observe that "capitalism seems to work," hence the desirability of ethical entrepreneurs.