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a psychoactive drug deliberately synthesized to avoid anti-drug laws

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He claimed he could not remember his crimes on January 17 because he had taken the designer drug, Spice, and no explanation for his actions has ever been offered.
His death led the HSE to issue a warning that the 2C family of psychedelic phenethylamine designer drugs, including 2CP, 2CB, 2CI and its derivative 25I-NBOMe, are all highly dangerous.
This prompted Canada to enforce tighter control measures on the designer drug, adding it to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act in a bid to keep it off the streets.
The drug is one of the Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) that continue to emerge on to the designer drug market.
It is difficult to know the best way to combat this problem, but the approach of using networks such as the National Drug Early Warning System and the American Association of Poison Control Centers has the potential to prevent local epidemics from spreading, which means that developing the capability to detect designer drug use in patients is an important priority.
Every drug has its own little story," says Michael Baumann, who heads the Designer Drug Research Unit, a small team within the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Baltimore.
Schwartz has been involved in the public health investigation of two Spice outbreaks and numerous cases of toxicity associated with Spice use since the designer drug epidemic began in 2009-2010.
He said it could be a newly-formulated designer drug that some basement chemist has come up with.
To learn more about the Florida International University designer drug program, visit "Targeted LC-QQQ MS Screening of Cathinone Derivitaves and Other Designer Drugs in Serum.
A THEOLOGY student who wanted to become a priest collapsed and died after taking a designer drug called Bath Salts during a bizarre sex session.
The first-ever nationwide strike on the designer drug industry resulted in 90 arrests and the seizing of 5 million drug packets and more than $36 million in cash, according to the U.
6) Before adding any type of designer drug charge to a charge sheet, trial counsel should be familiar with the chemical composition of the alleged designer drug and its effects.
Schuchs-Gopaul, a judge advocate with the Air Force Judge Advocate General Action Group, recently explained that the guidance specifically named the designer drug salvia divinorum, known as spice, inhalants, household chemicals, solvents and prescription drugs.
Tenant Stuart Gyger turned the kitchen of the groundfloor property into a lab to manufacture the deeply addictive designer drug that had never previously been found in the North East.
Cheshire West and Chester Trading Standards officers and police raided city centre store Dr Hermans yesterday and removed a large quantity of the designer drug The raid at the Eastgate Row shop was one of four in Chester.