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a person who is appointed to an office or position

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Also, with this training, designees can give their clients advice on planning for health care, asset management, beneficiary designations, tax considerations, estate planning and more.
The courses were created in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of industry experts from across the country; ensuring designees gain comprehensive knowledge of green homes and buildings and issues of sustainability in relation to real estate.
L'ecrivaine et journaliste espagnole Yolanda Aldon designee citoyenne d'honneur de la ville de Chefchaouen
At the broadest level, even some supporters of the designee process are asking whether the F is up to the task of effectively overseeing the system.
The average CPM designee is 50 years old, has earned a college degree, and works for a full-service real estate or property management company.
Rovezzi, the Sturbridge Tourist Association is made up of Kevin MacConnell (chairman), owner and operator of the Sturbridge Country Inn, and Brian Amedy, manager of the Sturbridge Host Hotel, both hotel/motel/bed and breakfast owner or designee members; Joni Light, manager of the Copper Stallion, tourist-related business member; Priscilla Gimas, OSV designee or registered voter member; and Richard Vaughan, town resident member.
The corporate designee need not have firsthand knowledge of the events in question, but to make the deposition meaningful, the designee must be prepared to provide "complete, knowledgeable, and binding answers on behalf of the corporation.
The UAA, in section 3, defines substantial equivalency as a determination by a board of accountancy or its designee "that the education, examination and experience requirements contained in the statutes and administrative rules of another jurisdiction are comparable to or exceed the education, examination and experience requirements contained in the Uniform Accountancy Act or that an individual CPA's education, examination and experience qualifications are comparable to or exceed the education, examination and experience requirements contained in the Uniform Accountancy Act.
The report said that although the designee programme worked well the inconsistent oversights by inspectors were caused by incomplete databases, heavy workloads and inadequate training for FAA staff that look after the designees.
Id, the ultimate determination of the actual percentage shared by the Department of Justice is at the sole discretion of the Attorney General or a designee.
A: Beginning with the 2001 filing season, a taxpayer can identify, through a checkbox on any Form 1040 return, an individual paid preparer (not a company) to serve as a designee.
Sherwood is elected to the Company's Board he will be deemed to serve as Fir Tree's designee to the Board:
Provide other construction contract assistance to the County Attorney or designee upon request.
It includes Form 656-A, Income Certification for OIC Application Fee, and a worksheet to help taxpayers determine whether they meet the income exception to the $150 fee; a checklist to help them determine whether they are eligible; a third-party designee section, which allows a person other than the taxpayer to discuss any additional information the IRS needs to process the offer; and a summary checklist that reduces the chance the IRS will return the application for omissions.
GAO reviewed (1) the strengths of FAA's designee programs, (2) the weaknesses of those programs and factors contributing to those weaknesses, and (3) potential improvements to the programs.