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In the fair copy, the vague foreboding of some accident to come was so painfully present to his mind, that he struck out the words which referred to his marriage, and substituted the designedly indefinite phrase, "domestic affairs.
He was scrupulously, almost painfully, courteous; but there was something in his manner which, for the first time in my experience, seemed designedly to keep me at a distance from him.
What pleased her best of all was to see him romping and racing with Sancho, while I walked by her side - not, I fear, for love of my company (though I sometimes deluded myself with that idea), so much as for the delight she took in seeing her son thus happily engaged in the enjoyment of those active sports so invigorating to his tender frame, yet so seldom exercised for want of playmates suited to his years: and, perhaps, her pleasure was sweetened not a little by the fact of my being with her instead of with him, and therefore incapable of doing him any injury directly or indirectly, designedly or otherwise, small thanks to her for that same.
Sir Percival's reply (though not designedly uncivil) had only resulted in making matters worse, and Mr.
Publicly and privately, it were much better for the age in which he lived, that he and the legion of whom he was one were designedly bad, than indifferent and purposeless.
Mr Swiveller, though an unwilling witness, could not help proving to demonstration, from the position in which it was found, that it must have been designedly secreted.
This nondelegable duty was made designedly broad to reach those who were thought to have the over-all responsibility for the construction of a building in which the Legislature deemed a particular employment inherently hazardous, irrespective of fault and despite lack of control.
Still, the foregoing discussion sets the stage for a designedly more modest claim: The Court's abstention in policing the lawmaking divide is a structural concession made for modern government.
To repeat, while "Wakefield" designedly leaves out a whole range of variables and determinants, in certain respects, notwithstanding its near-claustrophobic nonnegotiable limits and shorthand manner, it is committed to perfectly referential, itemizing descriptive residue and tends to dwell on sometimes extraordinarily specific and recondite visual details.
In 1860, an uneasy Charles Darwin confided in a letter to a friend: "I had no intention to write atheistically'' but "I cannot persuade myself that a beneficent and omnipotent God would have designedly created the Ichneumonidae with the express intention of their feeding within the living bodies of caterpillars.
W] hen oblique use is made of the taxing power as to matters which substantively are not within the powers delegated to Congress," Frankfurter insisted, "the Court cannot shut its eyes to what is obviously, because designedly, an attempt to control conduct which the Constitution left to the responsibility of the States, merely because Congress wrapped the legislation in the verbal cellophane of a revenue measure.
Downs' question, I would like to indicate that the words 'accrued financial benefits' were used designedly, so that the contractual right of the employee would be limited to the deferred compensation embodied in any pension plan, and that we hope to avoid thereby a proliferation of litigation by individual participants in retirement systems talking about the general benefits structure, or something other than his specific right to receive benefits.
America's governing institutions are inherently prone to stalemate and, according to James Madison's famous account in Federalist 10, designedly so.
The father, posed by the narrator (in collective mode) as a "tableau," "spraddl[ing]" the Grierson threshold, "horsewhip" in hand to repel Emily's suitors, designedly designs his daughter's "slender figure in white.