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something (whether existing or not) that is referred to by a linguistic expression

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Wybenga en Cloete (1992) beskryf die verhouding tussen die teken (representamen in Peirce se terminologie) en die referent (die objek, designatum of denotatum) in imaginale ikonisiteit as "'n geiykenis tussen teken en objek wat ruimtelikheid, kontoer of tipografie betref".
Likewise, the inherent designatum of a clause is a "situation," more specifically, the predicate designates a type of situation and the full clause a specific instance of a situation (Langacker 1991: 33).
2 (1960) ("We select as designatum that individual which will make the largest possible number of .
Unlike Augustine, who remains relatively scant in underpinning a strict concept of infinity, Pseudo-Dionysius and Eriugena make ample use of the word lending to it also a somewhat more palpable designatum (Hadot 1954-55, Lilla 1980, Mooney 2002, McEvoy 1994:170-171).