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The MICT is the successor institution to the ICTY and ICTR and will have designatory and supervisory authority over the tribunals' sentences after July 2013.
Professionals who earn the new designatory letters will have achieved proficiency and leadership in management accounting.
Said Mark: "These qualifications enable members to achieve the recognition they deserve through qualification (the IAM is a QCA-recognised awarding body), graduation, membership, and - depending on qualification and membership grade - the use of designatory letters and titles, for example, incorporated administrator and incorporated administrative manager.
Organized alphabetically by country, this reference identifies 2,000 professional designations and designatory letters in accounting, auditing, finance, insurance, management, consulting, information technology, banking, real estate, and purchasing.
Just before Christmas the two men clashed during a meeting when Mr Rogers was given the go-ahead at an extraordinary meeting of the county council to quiz Mr Lewis-Roberts over his use of designatory letters after his name - of the National Association of Estate Agents - on council-headed notepaper.
The later bye-laws (effective from 21st March 1882), however, did prohibit members acting in partnership with non-ICAEW members from appending either the designatory letters or the description "chartered accountants" to the name of the firm [ICAEW, 1882, p.
Around 3,000 new members qualify each year and the ICAEW's prestigious qualifications are recognised around the world, allowing members to call themselves chartered accountants and to use the designatory letters ACA (Associate) or FCA (Fellow).
I aim to use the designatory power enjoyed by the modernist artist to establish and set apart for consideration the history of an activity that is not art, to insist on the separateness of that activity, and to make visible that activity's structural life and goals.
The institute will retain existing qualifications and designatory letters going forward.
It provides for the establishment of a national network of strategically located practitioners who, on admission to the scheme, are entitled to carry the designatory Accredited Small and Medium Enterprise Adviser (ASMEA) qualification.
Licentiate, Associate and Fellow in the Technology of Surface Coatings are the three classifications that OCCA has and such professional members can use the designatory letters of LTSC, ATSC or FTSC after their name to highlight their qualifications.
Licentiate, associate and fellow in the technology of surface coatings are the three classifications that OCCA has, and such professional members can use the designatory letters of LTSC, ATSC or FTSC after their name to highlight their qualifications.
It sets professional standards and evaluates those credit and financial professionals who wish to gain its professional qualifications and use its designatory letters, AICM or FICM.
Semantically, the outstanding characteristic of idealizations is that they literally describe nothing--there is no entity, or state of affairs to which the idealization stands in a designatory or descriptive relation (p.
confers on them the right to use a title or designatory letters or to benefit from a status corresponding to the diploma.