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Three readily applicable modes of discourse include these: designative, appraisive, and prescriptive statements--or designations, appraisals, and prescriptions.
Language permits the schematized designation and the designative constancy of categories and semantic differentiations for all the members of a society, in that it stabilizes collectively the possibilities of concrete references by means of semiotic materialities (signs).
If we understand the term only as descriptive or designative of a position, the term "honor" may lose its more complete moral meaning and importance in the same way that other terms have incomplete meanings when used only as descriptors of the appearances of things.
Designative verbs (4) (with predicative complements): autocaracterizarse como X 'to characterize oneself as X', autodenominarse X 'to name oneself X', autollamarse X 'to name oneself X'.
Given two languages, A and B, morphemes may be transferred from A into B, or B morphemes may be used in new designative functions on the model of A--morphemes with whose content they are identified [.