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Synonyms for designation

Synonyms for designation

the act of appointing to an office or position

the word or words by which one is called and identified

Synonyms for designation

identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others

the act of designating or identifying something

References in classic literature ?
The great nobs,' replied Harry, 'under which designation, I presume, you include my most stately uncle, have not communicated with me at all, since I have been here; nor, at this time of the year, is it likely that anything would occur to render necessary my immediate attendance among them.
Pickwick, with that anxious desire to abstain from giving offence to any, and with those delicate feelings for which all who knew him well know he was so eminently remarkable, purposely substituted a fictitious designation, for the real name of the place in which his observations were made.
The younger brother, or the single gentleman, for that designation is more familiar, would have drawn the poor schoolmaster from his lone retreat, and made him his companion and friend.
Those wishing to pursue the specialist designations can visit www.
During the second quarter of 2015, the Appraisal Institute conferred 200 designations to 198 members, including 107 MAI designations, 26 SRA designations, 51 AI-GRS designations and 16 AI-RRS designations.
The MCR designation is awarded by CoreNet Global, the world's premier corporate real estate association, and is widely recognized as one of commercial real estate's most prestigious professional designations.
Appraisal Institute president-elect Gary Taylor, MAI, SRA, was on hand to present the designations to the appraisers, who were the first group of Korean appraisers to successfully complete the steps to attain the MAI designation without leaving their own country.
Patient data and genotyping designations were entered in a relational database and merged with selected variables from the national surveillance database.
The Appraisal Institute's designations are very valuable assets that serve to distinguish the services of Appraisal Institute members from those of their competitors.
We should be pursuing the fact that CPAs should be doing all financial work, working with CPAs in industry and not have new designations.
If the argument for the 150 hour requirement and eliminating audit experience, is that most CPAs don't do audits anymore then maybe we do need subspecialty designations CPA-Tax, CPA-Audit, etc.
6231(a)(7)-1(h) provides that subsequent designations supersede prior ones.
The Antelope Valley has been picked as one of three finalists for two designations as state enterprise zones offering tax breaks and other incentives to attract businesses.
Both designations are designed for facilities that utilize the natural environment.