designated hitter

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a ballplayer who is designated to bat in place of the pitcher

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In the whole 20-year period it has existed, can you think of any designated hitters who could unambiguously be classified as all stars?
From my standpoint point, the designated hitter has been the issue that has lasted the longest and has been the most profound topic," said Schuerholz.
Designated hitter Connor Ryan had two hits, two RBIs and scored twice for Hudson (12-5) against the G.
Lind appeared in 95 games as a designated hitter in 2009, batting .
He could see significant time at first base or designated hitter.
Hillenbrand, who said he wouldn't mind being in the lineup at first base, third or designated hitter and is content with being a utility player, faced more questions about an incident in Toronto last season when he left the team for three days to finish the process for adopting a daughter.
Bailey was in the lineup as the designated hitter in both games after impressing coaches in batting practice.
Musical lineups: When the lineup was first posted in the clubhouse, Anderson was the designated hitter and batting seventh.
Interleague play resumed this weekend, but the Angels were at home, where they can still use the designated hitter -- and it's not like their offense has been hitting on all cylinders even with the added bat.
Ambriz (8-7) also took over as the Bruins' designated hitter in the sixth inning and finished 2 for 2.
Anderson might be ready to bat this weekend, but with the Angels playing the Dodgers in a National League park, there will be no designated hitter and he would be forced to play left field, which could aggravate his injuries.
It also didn't help that the Angels played a three-game series on the artificial turf at Minnesota and Garret Anderson was reduced to two games as the designated hitter because of his sore left arch.
Toven, a speedy switch-hitter, could remain in the lineup as a designated hitter and could see action in the infield again when the Chancellors play four, or more, games in three days next week at the Durango of Las Vegas tournament.
Keller also plays second base and has started at designated hitter for the nationally ranked Chargers (10-1), for whom he is batting .
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