designated hitter

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a ballplayer who is designated to bat in place of the pitcher

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The Rangers are expected to use him as a Designated Hitter, replacing departed Hank Blalock who remains in search of a team for 2010.
First baseman Jeff Barbale went 2 for 4 with a double and three RBIs and designated hitter Matt Vaccaro collected two hits and one RBI for Shrewsbury.
One of the more contentious debates raging among baseball fans concerns the designated hitter.
Twenty years ago, the designated hitter came into being because the game was in the doldrums and needed an infusion of offensive excitement--or so the numbskull owners believed.
When I was in the American League, I was in favor of the designated hitter," said Schuerholz, whose teams won World Series in Kansas City and Atlanta.
Designated hitter Joe Reddington hit a two-run triple in the seventh to pace visiting Central Mass.
Fan balloting will determine the eight position players in each league, and the designated hitter in the American League, who will start the All-Star Game.
Adam Lind of the Toronto Blue Jays has captured his first Edgar Martinez Outstanding Designated Hitter Award, named in 2004 in honor of the former Seattle Mariners designated hitter and 2010 Hall of Fame candidate.
Junior Barry Enright allowed two runs over 7 1/3innings and sophomore designated hitter Eric Thames collected three hits to lead a 14-hit attack as the Pepperdine's baseball team defeated UC Davis 6-2 Friday at Eddy D.
Center fielder Nick Buss went 3 for 5 with an RBI, and designated hitter J.
He is the leading candidate to start at designated hitter.
The initial shows to be provided in the Foxboro test include QB1, the interactive football game from NTN Communications currently played in sports bars across the country, Blackjack, a Trivia game, and two popular game shows, Press Your Luck and Designated Hitter, that have been edited for interactive home play.
Hillenbrand, who said he wouldn't mind being in the lineup at first base, third or designated hitter and is content with being a utility player, faced more questions about an incident in Toronto last season when he left the team for three days to finish the process for adopting a daughter.
Bailey was in the lineup as the designated hitter in both games after impressing coaches in batting practice.
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