design criteria

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criteria that designers should meet in designing some system or device

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3) Vertical and Horizontal Realignment of Otts Road: A series of vertical curves east of the Miller/Bauman Road intersection do not meet current geometric design criteria for 40 MPH Design Speed.
When a TPE part is to be used in a demanding application or is required to perform as a critical component in a larger assembly, additional design criteria are required.
Beck Technology solutions provide real-time cost analysis, with 3D visualization; enabling users to quickly estimate project costs, perform feasibility analysis, and generate building performance and design criteria.
The objectives of this research are to: (1) evaluate the safety and operational performance as well as the trade-offs and risks associated with state-of-the-practice mitigation treatments when horizontal sightline offset criteria and guidance are not met; and (2) recommend updates to AASHTO s Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets (Green Book) for horizontal sightline offset design criteria and guidance on curved roadway alignments adjacent to barriers or other types of impediments that may impact the driver s line of sight.
The goal of developing these subsea pipeline design criteria is to consider the different issues that can arise during the early stages of the design cycle using ABS classification standards as a baseline for safety.
Design in accordance with manual design criteria for bridges and other structures, june 2013 available on tmr website special design criteria: 1.
We were able to direct their attention to focusing on public sector buildings first, and to evaluate building compliance by using design criteria in effect at the time of construction rather than the most recent standards enacted in 1989.
Since 1984, the SHTO Green Book (A Policy on the Geometric Design of Highways and Streets) and other roadway design criteria have been based on a functional classification system of a hierarchical roadway network composed of arterials, collector roads, and local roads.
Developing new codes and structural design criteria for these tall buildings to help ensure that they will be safe and usable following major earthquakes is yet another area where local structural engineers are heavily involved.
Handset software application developers: can understand the underlying factors driving the design criteria for handset operating systems, user interfaces and applications and anticipate the relative impact of messaging services, information downloads and entertainment demands on operator and vendors requirements for handset software.
We believe that by sponsoring this program financially and by helping students develop design ideas that match KUKA design criteria that we are encouraging technical training beyond high school and ultimately supporting technical knowledge and training advancements in the U.
University of Windsor, Canada: "Developing Design Criteria for High Charge Mobility Organic Electronic Devices.
As the design progresses, RioMagic can be used when there are changes in the chip or package design to validate the initial strategy or to re-optimize the I/O plan with the new and updated set of design criteria.
Beck Technology solutions provide real-time cost analysis, with 3D visualization, enabling users to quickly estimate project costs, perform feasibility analysis, and generate building proformas and design criteria.
This is one of the main design criteria behind the new platform.
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