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something desired as a necessity

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fi ohCe "I'm just waiting for one last final hurdle with Desiderata, and once I've jumped over that, I will have designed the most beautiful Christmas collection.
My uncle used to read me the poem Desiderata when I was a child.
In section 2 we lay out what we take to be intuitive and plausible desiderata for any theory of created repeatable objects.
Eight papers from an August 2008 colloquium in Munster, Germany discuss such matters as whether living text is compatible with initial text and editing the Gospel of John, original text and textual history, the need to discern distinctive editions of the New Testament in the manuscript tradition, conceptualizing "scribal" performances, working with an open textual tradition, traditional canons of New Testament textual criticisms, and desiderata to support a thoroughgoing eclectic approach to textual criticism.
Nevertheless, the Presidency considers this informal GAC the last chance for the ministers to share their desiderata and red lines before the negotiating box' put together by the Danish Presidency is modified.
Meanwhile, in Sligo, Kevin Prendergast's Dorothy Parker, off the track since finishing third to the speedy Infanta Banca in a Curragh maiden in April, should take full advantage of her weight concession from chief danger Desiderata in the three-runner opener.
The predictions fall in line with the European Commission's desiderata in its March 2011 road map(1) for moving to a competitive low-carbon economy in 2050.
Gutas did back his use of it with information on the very real fact of the tremendous importance of Avicenna to later Arabic-, Persian-, Hebrew-, and Turkish-writing thinkers, actually listed what he thought were the characteristics of that "age" in terms of the diffusion of Avicennan thought, and pointed to likely lines of desiderata.
It has also been shown that a woman will hesitate seriously about applying for a position in science if she cannot fulfil as many as seven or eight out of 10 listed desiderata for the post, whereas a man will send in an application even though he may not fulfil as many as half.
Acaso no es esta la desiderata axial del arte mismo?
It is a collection that over the years has been shaped by the particular research needs of its subscribing members: the desiderata lists for the original core collection were personally compiled not only by Carlyle, but also Gladstone, Grote, Mill, Mazzini, and other leading scholars of the day.
The concluding passage, Desiderata, identifies three areas that remain to be explored in greater depth: stylistic and lexical analysis of Barbey's work, his lengthy correspondence, and the large body of criticism he wrote over a lifetime.
presents the illative sense as the keystone in a theory of rationality and as a reliable truth-conducive process, but these presentations tend to pull away from one another because each responds to distinct epistemic desiderata.
Yet if erasures such as Live Evil can sometimes seem like technical exercises, in a work like Desiderata Pfeiffer's redactions collaborate with the source material to produce elegant and elegiac results.
The papers surveyed here, while path-breaking advances in that direction, do not come close to the full list of desiderata.