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dryness resulting from the removal of water

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m] during freezing indicates conformational changes in pigment-protein complexes due to desiccation (Lovelock et al.
The desiccation has changed the climate conditions of the region and the quality of the water that remains and led to chronic illness, it said.
The aim of this work was to identify pod characteristics that correlate with, seed desiccation tolerance during development in Phalaenopsis.
The purpose of this research is to determine the effects of temperature and desiccation on these antipredator behaviors in a model scorpion.
To fight off desiccation (des-ih-KAY-shun), or drying of its skin, it oozes a waxy substance that seals in vital moisture.
Larval ALB and EAB, either exposed directly to vacuum or inserted into wood at various moisture levels, were subjected to different temperatures and pressures to determine desiccation rates and lethal percentage weight loss.
Representatives of the company "Sengenta" presented a line of soybean protection products, from seed dressing, application of herbicides, insecticides and desiccation of crops.
Biotic stresses, such as predation and competition, generally increase seaward, while physical stresses, such as desiccation and thermal stress, generally increase landward.
However, most species have seeds that are classified as orthodox, which can tolerate desiccation untill the water content reduces to 2-5%, depending on the species.
Additional data provide infomation on thermal death point and determining the impact of desiccation and freezing on the viability of B.
Desiccation is an important abiotic stress that reduces productivity of plants globally.
In a seminal scientific account, typically referenced in resurrection plant studies of the past forty years, Gaff observed the distinct abundance of flowering plants in the South African flora that withstand full desiccation ("Desiccation-Tolerant " 1033-34).
The tolerance and/or resistance of certain species of weeds to the herbicide glyphosate has led farmers to associate herbicides with different active ingredients in the desiccation, as crop management.
Cysts are particularly leathery, play an important role as a stage of life protecting the eggs and juveniles from desiccation, cold, and heat between crop cycles (Smiley and Yan, 2010).