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dryness resulting from the removal of water

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Assuming a shoreline north of Richmond, Kentucky (the northernmost location of desiccation cracks), and a depth of ~30 m at Hamilton, Ohio, about 200 km to the north, we reconstruct a very gentle ramp with a gradient of 10-20 cm of water depth increase per kilometer in a northward direction (Fig.
They are found mainly in woodland, moorland and heath, where the soil and sward is moist as they are prone to desiccation.
All geosynthetic clay liners are multi-component materials, but the symposium focused on those that are characterized by specially-engineered surface coatings, film attachments, bentonite modification, and other components that enhance performance in specific ways such as less desiccation or greater resistance to chemical attack or root penetration.
A: Transplants are always traumatic for the tree and often fail, primarily due to root loss and/or desiccation.
When possible, we noted the cause of mortality: herbivory (root-mass still in place but aerial portion removed); excavation (hole in ground, root-mass nearby), desiccation (aerial portion of plant shriveled; no signs of damage by insects and rodents); damage by insects.
In particular, differential responses in germination rate of genotypes from native and degraded-forest habitats may be associated with the ability of seeds and seedlings of this species to tolerate desiccation.
As a result of the sea's desiccation, sizeable areas of arable land in parts of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are now covered with toxic salt, poisoning the soil and causing health problems such as cancer, tuberculosis and anemia, the UN says.
In respect to physiological adaptation to environmental conditions, bryophytes are regarded as typical shade-adapted plants with a high desiccation tolerance.
Preservation of soft tissues in nature is essentially a competition between decay and desiccation," forensic experts Paul Sledzik and Marc Micozzi (http://books.
The effects of desiccation on the seed germination rate and the storage tolerance are used for the classification of seeds into physiological groups, in which the majority of palms show a 'recalcitrant' behavior.
To investigate the role of aquaporins in desiccation avoidance in xerophytic ferns gametophytes, Cheilanthes lanosa gametophytes were poisoned with micromolar mercury solutions, which block aquaporin channels, exposed to several osmolytes, and quantified the efflux of water from the cells was quantified.
This study expands on our previous work by providing additional data on thermal death point and determining the impact of desiccation and freezing on the viability of B.
However, these water bodies are much shallower than the original reservoir, so it is possible that spawn and the resulting tadpoles and metamorphs will be more vulnerable to predation and to desiccation in periods of hot, dry weather," the report states.
They're testing the same type of "fire gel" that has been used to help prevent the spread of fire to residential and commercial structures to see whether the gel, after it is sprayed onto fruit trees, can help nematodes avoid desiccation.
Stroboscopic examination revealed significant erythema, mucosal desiccation, and thick laryngeal mucus (figure, A).