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The en deshabille ladies have since caused trouble for Wales, who regularly fields questions about his former life as a "porn king.
If a character comes in en deshabille, or talks in a hurried tone of voice, or grimaces at another character's line, or shifts uncomfortably as another character talks, the reader does not need the narrator to point it out.
The languid women traders in the deshabille of Venetian courtesans may be imitated from Paris Bordone.
I would lounge en deshabille all day if we weren't going to the airport.
Still her mother did not come, and she was alone in the way she so often was, walled in by the silent bricks around her, having nothing to do, afraid to walk about; she was sitting in the upper room, as usual, in deshabille, and even more fiercely than usual that madness of hers came upon her; but on this occasion, as never before, she suddenly began to feel an immeasurably deep, disquiet fluttering in the very deeps of her being, clutching her heart as to what this would all end in?
Since never a month goes by without some vicar or other getting caught in flagrante delicto with a choirboy and/or root vegetables, I'm planning to publish a new glossy magazine called Repenthouse, with a centrefold featuring a recently-defrocked cleric in a state of deshabille.
CLEARLY my state of deshabille must be cause for concern in the London publishing world, as I seem to have cornered the market in receiving guides about dressing stylishly.
Noun, en deshabille blanc, paree de ses longs cheveux noirs, etait une dame, une reine, une fee.
Nancy Shippen Livingston, separated from her husband and daughter and living again as the ward, hence child, of her parents, sat upstairs in bed with her friend Louisa, "in deshabille.
Although she chirped in French at cabarets - Negresse en deshabille center stage .
Subtly deshabille in black silk stockings, grey patent leather heels, and a pearl choker, she settled herself comfortably in the stern of the humble craft, and spoke.
Not for nothing does their creator take care to make visible in his works, from start to finish, the main seams of his construction and those details of novelistic deshabille that other authors usually are careful to conceal.
Comme il est passe, c'est un film qui dure 35 mn, il y a une scene oE la jeune femme traverse son appartement et se deshabille.
As to the cap which in a marble bust is worn by a sitter en deshabille, Craske supports his description of it as a 'scholar's cap' with a footnote (p.
The traditional object in such circumstances is, of course, female, and displayed en deshabille.