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direct one's libidinous urges into another direction


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Though the film is superior to the short story in showing Jack's repeated attempts to kiss a confused and reluctant Ennis, I was disappointed at the overall desexualizing of the story.
41) Cheshire Calhoun, <<Denaturalizing and Desexualizing Lesbian and Gay Identity>> (1993) 79 Va.
This postponement is not an icy deferral (no matter how utterly desexualizing the language of institutionalization and internal critique is), but comes from my desire to pursue divergence as something more than a theoretical predilection.
The Forge of war shall weld the chains of brotherhood secure" (3, 5, my emphasis), goes the song at the very beginning of Act I, setting up the discursive technology of gender which aims at desexualizing the human being and engendering it as a male subject.
While she does not dispute that Senesz was a virgin--Senesz's final words may not have come from a Zionist credo but may have been, "I'm only sorry that I di e a virgin" (108)--Baumel wants to retrieve a personal and family life for Senesz against Israeli desexualizing myth-making.
As she floats off in Peri's arms, with his hot breath on her face, in the palmtree top, Alencar describes her as a little boy with chaste blushes and limpid smiles, an angel flapping its wings to return to its cradle, thus desexualizing the relationship even as it threatens to ignite.