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direct one's libidinous urges into another direction


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Haward's depiction of Lady Macbeth seems to operate in a nearly opposite manner to that of Von's--she begins as a powerful, sexualized agent of change and ends up a desexualized, unbounded subject-object.
Now, the act of pole dancing has become so desexualized that even toddlers at a dance studio in England are taking the (http://www.
They are desexualized and de-gendered, as in the story "Moonlight," lingering ghost-like in the surreal landscape of war.
A slender, androgynous but not desexualized being clad all in white, Kelly occupies a hermetic white interior, his lanky physique the defining vertical in the frame's horizontal compositions.
Jamie provides a view of the sexualized feminine to balance out the desexualized anchoress, while Jennings does not acknowledge any element of unchaste desire in her mystic.
La Vergine qui viene rappresentata "neither as sexual object nor desexualized mother, but, rather, as a symbol of spiritual plenitude and social difference" (142).
only when they are desexualized through maternity or thoroughly aestheticized, stylized, and turned into icons or fetishes.
stereotypes of older or disabled persons as desexualized, sexual
Women theologians the world over note that many women engaged in the struggle for equality and human rights find themselves repelled by traditional theologies of Mary, shaped as these are by patriarchal expectations: the passive, obedient woman who stands ready to do whatever men in authority direct; the desexualized figure whose lack of experience is taken as a sign of holiness; the woman whose sole purpose in life is to bear a child (which is not to downplay the value of women's ability to give life); or the silent embodiment of the so-called feminine ideal of sweetness and nurture.
Perhaps it is no accident that her most accomplished pieces focus on parents and grandparents, whose familiar bodies occupy a habitual, desexualized place in our lives, and are thus the most likely to bewilder when examined with fresh eyes.
Gates's reclamation project builds upon a generation of scholarship on sentimental fiction, melodrama, and minstrelsy that has, to some extent, supplanted three generations of specifically masculine scorn heaped upon the desexualized figure of Uncle Tom.
In this way, the scenario's treatment of Gruell echoes a familiar refrain: cross the border of what it should mean to be a white, privileged, and female, and you might end up successful, but you'll also find yourself desexualized and alone.
Here, somewhat betraying his own "male fantasy," the narrator renders her potentially misleading "magnolia"-color as "darkness," thus foregrounding her "sexually exotic" African part ("passionate and inexorable hunger of the flesh") rather than her desexualized paleness appropriate for "bereavement or widowhood.
Whenever the incidents in Ungar's fiction begin to resemble masochistic fantasy, as they often do, the descriptions become simultaneously desexualized and obscene.
The Briardale fiction starkly contrasts the passionate heterosexual eroticism of Yorkshire lasses with desexualized Yankee women.