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Synonyms for desexualize

direct one's libidinous urges into another direction


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This absence in the literature is particularly problematic because it enables us to ignore the agency that Latinas have over their sexual expression, and promotes stereotypes that desexualize them.
The frequent recurrence of the talismanic word, onesto, emphasizes the licit, controlled aspect of women's sexuality, while the description of them as angels in/from paradise (44) attempts to desexualize them altogether.
Feminist theorists, on the other hand, have tended to desexualize lesbian relationships, often romanticizing them as a form of maternal nurturance, a refuge from a threatening patriarchal world.
The upshot is what he calls a "politics of sexual shame," in which gay people are forced to desexualize themselves, depriving themselves of their sexual dignity, so as to achieve certain political goals.
The primary strategy was to desexualize Poitier's onscreen presence as much as possible.
Weld's efforts to desexualize their relationship by describing their love in exclusively spiritual terms and comparing his attraction to his fiance to his feelings for his spiritual brother drove Grimke to ask Weld for an explanation "why those of our own sex cannot fill the void in human hearts.
The apartment, then, as a space that blurs public and private, situates the lesbian in a domestic setting but does not desexualize her.